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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cardio Blasts- Keep the Christmas Cookies at Bay while you Exercise & Play!

Yes, you have indulged by now. You have woken up with a sugar coma, a slight hangover from the Holiday Party, or puffy eyes from not getting enough sleep. Well, get over yourself and get moving. You had fun celebrating but now you need to add balance and workout too.  The goal over the Holidays is not to lose weight; but to maintain activity level and keep your muscles moving and strong.

Incorporate these cardio blasts to your workouts and your ars will be thanking you.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

Cardio Blasts

Strength Workout - Grab Heavy Weights and Get Started!

All you need are heavy weights, a medicine ball if you have one, and some water.  Be ready to sweat, push it, and have fun challenging your body. Limited time is not an option- the workout can be catered to your time schedule.  Push it, engage your muscles, and have FUN!


Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

Strength Workout  on You Tube

Coach Erin's Holiday Tips to Squeeze in Exercise and Feel Good!

When it comes to the Holiday Season, people think they have to give up their exercise regime and jump start it in January.  However there are many ways to work up a sweat and keep the belt notch where it is, if not one less come January.  To be thinking about it is already a big step, since you are aware of the potential challenges you’ll be faced with that zap your time.  Take these tips and fit them into the month of December.  The guarantee is you’ll be strong, have energy to deal with the unexpected visits, parties to plan and shopping to  accomplish.  Hopefully you can even have a few minutes to yourself.

1.   When doing your holiday shopping, work up a sweat!  According to the American Heart Association, you need 10,000 steps a day. Why not make all of those steps count at the Mall. 
·     Try to park farthest away from the Mall’s entrance when possible, even in the rain. Park on the opposite side of the Mall from where you will be shopping, and speed walk your way to the store. 
·     Use the stairs! It is so easy to want to hop on an escalator, but use the stairs. If you have a munchkin in a stroller, yes, use the elevator, but then take an extra lap around the Mall.
·     Wear a pedometer.  Monitor your steps.  If you’ve completed most of your shopping, window shop at a speedy pace until you reach your magic “number”.

2.      Take a family bike ride through your neighborhood to enjoy the Holiday lights.
·     Why not make it a family tradition to go on a bike ride 2x/week during the holiday season?  Do it when everyone is home from school and work, just before dinner time.  You can make a game of whose house you like best, and who has the most phenomenal decorations.  It will provide great dinner conversation, and if everyone is biking together, a special way to have family time.
·     For safety, make sure to have everyone wear reflective clothing, helmets, and bike lights.
Enjoying the lights while the legs are working hard

3.      Why not have caroling parties?
·     Caroling is such a special tradition that should have a re-growth for its healthy aspects.  Gather up a group and take your “caroling” to the hillier neighborhoods.  Create games with seeing “who will get to ring the doorbell first”, which will keep people on their feet and the pace fast. 
·     Turn your caroling party into a scavenger hunt.  Create a list for everyone to get: One candy cane, one Christmas card from last year, one jingle bell, etc. You’ll be surprised at how much of a workout it is when competition is involved! 

4.      When wrapping your gifts, take a break in between each wrapped gift to do exercises.
·     This sounds timely, but it will make your gift wrapping much more fun and also energetic. In between each gift you wrap, do a set of 12-15 repetitions of squats, push – ups, lunges, dips or hold the plank for one minute.  If you put on your favorite holiday flick, such as Love Actually, you won’t even know the time has flown by. At the end of the Movie, you will have done strength work as well as gotten your gifts wrapped.

5.      Try to squeeze in 20-30 minutes to go for a run or walk by yourself. 
·     When it seems as if you are rushing from one appointment to the next, and you don’t have time for yourself, it is imperative to set aside a little me-time.  As challenging as it may seem, if you can wake up 30 minutes earlier, run on your lunch break or bike after work you will feel much better. To have that time to clear your head and rev up your endorphins at once is priceless.  Carve it out of your schedule 3x/week and you will truly make it through the holiday season with ease! 

Use these tips and have fun. The Holidays are about the memories you share together, and this year they can be memories of exercising through the season. 

When not chasing after her two little girls or teaching fitness classes, Erin Kreitz Shirey is the CEO/Master Trainer/Running Man Laugh filled Coach and Owner of Power Fitness PDX.  An award winning trainer recently named 2011 Most Motivational Personal Trainer by Alameda Magazine, and currently the Top 10 Finalist for PFP Personal Triner of the Year, she has written for various athletic publications, been a contributing editor on the hit morning show, Better, and has fitness DVD’s arriving late 2011.  Erin has a BS in Kinesiology, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fit to Deliver Pre and Postnatal Certified trainer and Sports Nutrition Certified. Visit Erin and learn more about her trainings at www.powerfitnesspdx.com

Monday, December 12, 2011

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

1. My trainer said to me: "Make myself count this week and take time to wake up for Power Fitness PDX before the 2 week holiday break! If I start a habit of not exercising this week, it will be that much harder to get started again come 2012! There is a Tiger on my tail and I need to keep running!". 

2. My Trainer gave to me:

$200 savings when buying a 6 month membership to Power Fitness PDX & $25 gift certificate towards Personal Training with Coach Erin!!
6 Month Membership (3x/week): $1140 Normally - YOU pay only $940
$65 savings when buying a 3 month membership to Power Fitness PDX & $20 gift certificate towards Personal Training with Coach Erin!!
3 Month Membership (2x/week): $405 Normally- YOU pay only $340
** Email Coach Erin to RSVP for a space and PayPal you (or check) **
Expires 12.14.11

3. My Trainer also extended to me the Challenge Special through
Friday, December 16th:

$75 off the Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU NEW YOU Fitness Challenge!
February 20th -April 27th
First meeting & Pre Challenge Measurements held Wednesday, February 15th
You pay $650 & have a confirmed space!
It filled early last year and will fill faster this year
Incredible growth. Incredible challenges. Incredible potential unveiled.
Limited to 18 people.

Normally $725
10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX 3x/week - $475
  ** Class options – M/W/F 5:45 am
or Tu/Th 6:14 am **
  2 bonus classes incorporated to 4 weeks just for Challenge participants -$80
  3 Workshops on balancing nutrition/fitness/wellness/time-$150
  3 Hours to PASS – Your personal assistant to life -$140
  1: 30 minute 1:1 Sessions with Trainer Erin Kreitz Shirey $65
  Pre & Post Challenge Measurements - $40
  2 AT Home workouts -$40
  2 Training Runs for a 5K Run Walk May 12th- $30 (race is Mermaid Race- wonderful series!-http://www.mermaidseries.com/run#!__east-bay)
  Power Fitness PDX Workout Tank Top - $30
  Support and goodies from many businesses to help you keep healthy and fit throughout the Challenge
  Final Celebration Night with Prizes for Every Challenge Participant-  $300+ value
Value of services $
1350 ** Email Coach Erin to RSVP for a space and PayPal you (or check) **
Expires 12.16.11

MY Trainer gave to me a:

Add On Workout:
1. 15 Prisoner Squats
    15 Reverse Jump Lunges on each leg
    15 Burpees
2. 15 Prisoner Squats
    15 Reverse Jump Lunges on each leg
    15 Burpees
    15 High Knee Tuck Jumps
3. 15 Prisoner Squats
    15 Reverse Jump Lunges on each leg
    15 Burpees
    15 High Knee Tuck Jumps
    15 Reverse Crab Dip Opposite Toe Touches
4. 15 Prisoner Squats
    15 Reverse Jump Lunges on each leg
    15 Burpees
    15 High Knee Tuck Jumps
    15 Reverse Crab Dip Opposite Toe Touches
    15 Military Style Full Sit Ups
5. 15 Prisoner Squats
    15 Reverse Jump Lunges on each leg
    15 Burpees
    15 High Knee Tuck Jumps
    15 Reverse Crab Dip Opposite Toe Touches
    15 Military Style Full Sit Ups
    25 Dive Bomb Push Ups

Complete 2-5X/Through

Cheers and see you in class this week, and if not there, running around town!

Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology, ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269   a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501    e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com    w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Power Fitness PDX Holiday Party: Special Night- Incredible TEAM- Dynamic Goals Met

Friday, December 2nd, 2011, was Power Fitness PDX's Holiday Hoopla Party!! 
Ali, Kate, David, Annie & Dave

Estie starting some toasts
 Fantastic Host & Hostess Estie & Ben,
Wine, Tucker's Ice Cream Cakes,  Wii- Just Dance 3, laughter heard throughout the neighborhood, competitive Corn Hole and an entrance by Mrs. Clause!! 
Joe found Mrs. Clause- aka Tina
Estie & Sonia
Your celebration drink of choice: Baileys, Absinthe, Merlot
Annie, Coach Erin, Jeanne- together Annie & Jeanne have passed NUMEROUS goals! SO proud to be the short Coach between these two tall dynamos!!! Hey sweet Veronica- what are you thinking back there?
Someone said LINE UP!! 

Not quite sure even how to put words to this photo- Proud, Hmmm, What the Heck?
For some reason- our photo of the incredible Tucker's cakes won't rotate -A sign that in order to Eat Cake, you must Move It too!

It was a special night by many and fun for everyone.  For some PFPDX'ers, it was the first time they got to introduce their partners to the team they have been waking up early to train with. For others, it was an opportunity to get dressed up and show their strong bodies and all the hard work they have accomplished.  For everyone; it was a night full of laughter, support, good cheer, and much love.  While we didn't drop and do 20 push ups,
we did celebrate all the push ups completed throughout the past year.
Cheers to YOU and your hard work.
Cheers to YOU for pushing yourselves and allowing me to push you.
Cheers to YOU for reaching outside your comfort zone and physical limits.
Cheers to YOU for believing in yourselves and
when you didn't allowing me to believe in you and tell you daily to:
Dig Deep. Play Hard.
while you
Challenge the Power of YOU!!
Ali, Estie, Dave...Just Dance 3...fierce fun!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas- Workouts #1-#4 - 15 minute blast workouts each day

Twelve Days of Christmas- it is a busy time of year. Try to fit in these workouts- you can do them in your home with minimal equipment and minimal time. Have fun and with any questions please contact Coach Erin

Day #1-Begin and Be STRONG
Grab your timer and set for 1 minute increments
Grab one set of light weights- 5 lbs preferred
Do 3 rounds of:
1. Jumping Jacks with weights- Arms go to the side with hands parallel to shoulders, not above
2. Walking Push Ups - Push Up position, push up, walk hand over hand to the right side. Push Up, walk hand over hand to the left side. Repeat for one minute.
3. Reverse Jump Lunges holding weights by your sides
4. Speed Skaters
5. V-Sit position Figure 8's- Sit on the floor, tuck bum and bring belly button in towards spine, hold both weights or one weight in hand and make a figure 8.
Day #2-Tabata 2
Grab your timer and set for Tabata intervals of 20 seconds on: 10 seconds rest. Complete:
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1. Burpees - 8 Tabata Rounds = 20:10
2. Mountain Climbers with knees tucked under and rotating to cross your midline - 8 Tabata Rounds = 20:10
3. Squat Jumps - remember tangible touch of fingers to the ground when in squat position to have each rep count- 8 Tabata Rounts = 20:10
4. 1 minute plank
5. 1 minute bicycle

Day #3- 
Grab your jump rope & Heavy Weights (8/10/12/15 lb)
count = "1 Alligator, 2 Alligator, etc. "
30 count High Knees
30 count Speed Skaters
20 reps of each exercise with Heavy Weights:
1. SBO-Squat-Bicep-Overhead Press
2. Heavy Weight Pull Through
3. Single Arm Row on each side
4. Heismans Jumping over Weights 
5. 10 Push Ups- 10 count Reverse Plank - repeat 3x
Repeat whole workout 3x

Day #4- Cardio Craze Day
Grab Timer, set for 1 Minute. 
Wide Jumping Jacks
Burpees with Push Ups and Wide Feet
Reverse Knee Jump-Pull Through (rotate legs each rep)
Repeat 5x

Videos for above workouts coming soon.
* When not teaching, training, or writing fitness columns, Coach Erin can be found running with her kids around the East Bay and motivating others to do the same. Erin Kreitz Shirey was voted 2011 Alameda Magazine Most Motivational Personal Trainer. Come train with her in Power Fitness PDX mornings at the beach! www.powerfitnesspdx.com

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday SMALL Business Special!!

Black Friday Small Business BONUS
1. Register for Session 12 of 2011 and Sessions 1,2,3,4,5 of 2012 and save 20%
(Save $220!  $880 instead of $1,100)

2. Register for the Power of YOU New Year New YOU Fitness Challenge and save $75. February 20-April 27th. Normally $725- You pay $625 & have a confirmed Space. Limited to 18 people.

3. Save 10% when commit to Session 12 & 1!

(Save $34! $306 instead of $340)

4. Save 15% when commit to Session 12, 1, 2, & 3!
(Save $108! $612 instead of $720)

5. Save 25% when commit to 8 Sessions and get 1 -1:1 30 minute Personal Training Session.
(Save $370!$1180 instead of $1480)
Commit and you will conquer!!!!
Prices Set Friday, November 25th, 2011  7:30am-11:59pm
*Can pay and register at the Coat Class and/or Online.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plyo Party Workout at HOME #4

You are limited on time- all you need is a timer to go off every minute.  Blast the following workout, drink your water and make sure to have a towel to dry the sweat from dripping down your back. 

Minute of:

High knees
Jump through
Plank Ups- pushing up to Hoover from plank
Side jump w/lunge
Repeat 1x

Reverse lunge rotate with opposite hand
Mountain climbers
Speed skaters
Prisoner Squat Jumps
Repeat 1x

Dive bomb push ups
Jumping jack's
Reverse hand to toe crab
Repeat 1x

Repeat entire workout 2-3x, depending on your time. 

Pumpkin Recipes - Seriously DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS!

This time of year is the time to enjoy every ounce of pumpkin goodness that you can.  Pumpkins are full of beta carotene, which is one of the plant cartenoids converts to Vitamin A in the body. Why is that good you ask...because beta carotene can help reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, protects against heart disease and...the general degenerative aspects of aging! Cheers to that as it is uber good for you, and uber tasty in not only sweet traditions like Pumpkin Pie, but healthy and nutritious goodies like smoothies, yogurt parfaits and even frittata.

Random Coach Erin's Favorite:  
Pumpkin n' Spinach Frittata!
1 TB Olive Oil
1 TB Curry Powder
1 TSP Red Pepper Flakes
Lemon Pepper
1.5 TSP Nutmeg
1 Goat Cheese Medallion from Trader Joes
6 Egg Whites and 2 Whole Eggs
1/8 cup Nonfat Milk
1.5 cups Spinach
2/3 cup of pureed Organic Pumpkin
3/4 cup diced Sweet Yellow Onion
Sprinkles of fresh diced Basil
1 Orange or Yellow Bell Pepper - Diced

On stove, medium heat, heat the 6-8" Frittata round pan with oil .  Add in sprinkle of Lemon Pepper and all of the onion.  Saute until Onion is warm and softer. In another bowl whisk Eggs, Egg whites, Milk, Nutmeg, Curry power, Red Pepper Flakes.  Add in Spinach, Bell Pepper and Pumpkin.  Pour egg and vegetable mixture into hot pan.  While eggs are cooking, gradually pick up the sides with a spatula  allowing liquid eggs to shift down in the pan and cook.  When frittata is starting to thicken, add in Basil, Goat Cheese and sprinkle more Lemon Pepper to the top.  Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the top too.  Put pan into the oven on Broil, allowing cook until top is lightly brown.  Cool and serve over mixed greens. Add garnish of Basil and crumbled Goat Cheese.  Enjoy with fresh bread and add Tabasco if desired. Serves 3-4
* This dish was created on a whim when making "Under the Kitchen Sink Healthy Frittata"- a staple in our home on cozy nights.

Pumpkin Protein Breakfast-
Easy pumpkin YUM that will have you asking for more.
1 cup NF Vanilla Bean Chobani or Trader Joes Greek Yogurt
2/3 cup pureed Organic Pumpkin
Handful of Almonds (usually 12-16 almonds)
1 TSP Pumpkin Pie Spice
1 TSP Cinnamon
1/2 TSP Nutmeg

Mix all ingredients together in bowl.  Put in refrigerator for 30 minutes.  Serve with sprinkle of Cinnamon on top.  Share with your special loved one....yum!
* Pumpkin & Greek Yogurt are two of my favorite things...figured they must be delish together. The inkling was right....they are fantastic!  

Clean Eating's Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding
This looks like the most delicious bread pudding...it will be on our Thanksgiving Table with joy! Try it yourself and report back how much you love it!

http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/Recipes/Recipe/Pumpkin-Cranberry-Bread-Pudding-with-Maple-Crme-Anglaise.aspx - photo below!

Pumpkin Nutrition Facts- 1 cup cooked
Calories 49
Protein 2 grams
Carbohydrate 12 grams
Dietary Fiber 3 grams
Calcium 37 mg
Iron 1.4 mg
Magnesium 22 mg
Potassium 564 mg

Zinc 1 mg
Selenium .50 mg
Vitamin C 12 mg
Niacin 1 mg
Folate 21 mcg
Vitamin A 2650 IU
Vitamin E 3 mg


Thankful .....

Last week I wrote a letter to the Power Fitness PDX'ers- It holds a place in my heart as it is so very true. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and make sure to take a moment and be thankful for ALL you are, have accomplished and are continuing to be be.  
--Coach Erin

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

How are YOU feeling?  How are your bodies now; stretched out I hope from a week of prep work for Turkey Legs!!  Yep, Week 3 of Power Fitness PDX brings you Turkey Training which means lunges/squats/kicks/step ups/calf raises/wall sits and much more!

The past two weeks you have worked with many peer partners in class, like you have throughout your time with Power Fitness PDX. But this Session seems to have brought another level of compassion to everyone too.  I have noticed in the middle of the prodding to encourage one another has come support with questions and comments such as "How are you doing with drinking water?", "You said you wanted to do push ups and LOOK AT YOU NOW! You are doing so many on your toes!", or "I remember when you started and how you seemed a bit timid. You are NOT timid now, good job!".  These are comments from your mouths that I have written down after class.  These comments are what continue to keep me going, just like the workouts keep you going.  You inspire me to train you harder, and myself, each day. 

Thus, this week I want you to realize how thankful I am for all of you each day.  I am often asked how do I get up every morning at o'dark hundred to work.  I say it is EASY and I am blessed to do what I do and am meant to do. I feel beyond fortunate to wake up every morning to train you both physically and mentally, some of the most incredible and dynamic people in the Bay Area.  You have come to make a change within yourselves; not realizing when you get started where you will go but with the intention to get stronger and lose weight.  I come with goals of helping you get to your inner most layers of focus, courage, and dedication of believing in yourself to become the athlete you are meant to be.  Your courage to try makes me want to try harder at helping you reach further and further within yourself and your strength....and I am forever thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving-
Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turkey Trot- Join Fellow Power Fitness PDX'ers Saturday, November 26th

We have found a fun Turkey Trot to do as a team!  Yes, Power Fitness PDX'ers, YOU want to work off the turkey, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes.  Get ready to RUN it off at Fremont's Quarry Turkey!

Our own Annie Chan is ready for you to run with her and even wrote a poem...

The turkey has been eaten,
The shopping has been done,
By Saturday after Turkey Day
POWER Boot campers are ready for a RUN!
There's a 5K, 10K and a Half Marathon.  Kids of participants can run in a free 100 yard dash so bring the family.
How can you not be excited to run while enjoying the fall leaves, laugh with fellow PFPDX'ers and start a new running tradition with your family?  Ready, set, register!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another study shows...Exercise helps with Depression

Another study has proved that Exercise helps when battling depression.  It has been proven time after time about the increase in endorphins affecting one's mood, altering their personality to a state of greater happiness.  Take a read from a study in Exercise ETC Fitness Education Monthly Newsletter:

Can Exercise be a Prescription for Depression?
A study was conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas on patients suffering from severe depression.  These patients were currently on prescribed antidepressants and were not responding fully to the treatment.  Usually when this happens, doctors prescribe a second medication, but this is often expensive and only usually works for 20-30% of the patients.
Dr. Trivedi decided to try exercise instead of this second medication.  While one group exercises 10 minutes per day, a second group exercised for 30 minutes per day.  Both groups remained on their one medication for depression.
While only 29.5% achieved remission, it still presents a strong tie between exercise and depression improvements and can be used as a valid treatment option.  Another good point is exercise is less expensive than the second medication that could have been prescribed.  And lastly, exercise has no side effects while the medications might.  Exercise really is medicine!
Trivedi, Madhaukar, M.D, "Prescribing Exercise to Treat Depression." The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, NY Times.  Aug. 2011.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Q& A with Coach Erin- Running- where should I go?

Q&A with Trainer Erin:
Your Health and Fitness Question & Answer Spot

Q: I have started running, but am confused how long I should go.  Is it good to run far if I am not training for anything, or bad for my knees? What are some good routes in Alameda?  - Judy G.    

A: Congrats on running more and having the desire to run more.  You asked quite a few different questions within your question. To ensure I answer them all, they are broken down. And as always, listen to your body at all times.  

1. Distance and knees: It is easy to get excited when running and push to run farther to fast.  Your body needs time to adjust to mileage increases.  Try to increase by only 10% each week. It is the tried and true amount to help evolve with training and miles, but allow for growth and distance. 10% rule 

2. Alameda is FULL of fun, fast, flat routes. Heck, the "hills" in Alameda are the Bay Farm Island Bike Bridge and the "uphill" by the windsurf shack at Crown Beach.  ThPFPDX e easiest way to look at maps of runs is to use MapMyRun.com  You will be pleasantly surprised at how far you can go.   Some fun easy routes in Alameda are

6 Mile Bay Farm Island loop- start at the bike bridge, run the path around the perimeter trail along the Bay, continue past the Ferry Building running along Harbor Bay Parkway. Continue on Harbor Bay Parkway, cross Doolittle Drive staying on the path to continue running along the Estuary back to the Bike Bridge.   

3(4) Mile Beach Run- begin at the Windsurf Shack where Shoreline and Westline meet. Head East towards Broadway. Turn around at Broadway and run back to the Windsurf Shack. To make the run 4 miles, stay on the bay trail from Broadway to the Bay Farm Bridge and turn around to run back to Broadway.    

Ask Coach Erin a question at powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  

Wellness Wednesday - Tabata Light Weights & Stairs Get "Over the HUMP Day" Workout

You know the drill, Tabata Style. Tabata training helps improve your strength, cardio output, and endurance. Wednesday's Tabata workout is:
Exercise combo, back to back.  Repeat each exercise 6 rounds for 20 seconds intensely followed by 10 seconds rest, then go to the next exercise.  Repeat circuit 2-3 times.

Grab 5 pound weights and a stairwell. 
1. SBO- Squat Bicep Overhead Press - x6
2. Bicep Curl & Curtsey Squat - x6 each side/leg
Run up and down the stairs, single step, 3 minutes 

3. Jumping Jacks with weights- x6 
4. Plie Squat w/arm's extended bicep Curl - x6
Run up and down the stairs, single step with high knees, 3 minutes

5. Step up Kick Backs with Reverse Fly - x6 
6. Triangle Push Ups on the bottom step - x6
7. Mountain Climbers  - x6
Run up and down stairs crossing over feet sideways, 3 minutes

Repeat entire workout 3-4x.  Push each 20 second interval getting your heart rate to 85-95% your max. Use the BORG scale - 1-10 - to measure your heartrate if you don't have a heart rate monitor. 

As always, any questions on the exercises contact Coach Erin - powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com

Thursday, September 1, 2011

ADD-ON Workout

When in Portland, I visited one of my best friend's and old business partner, Danielle Paskins.  I was fortunate to be a student in her incredible boot camp. She is a phenomenal instructor, and working out with her is inspiring and engaging. Honestly, it was fun to be a student in her class, instead of being the instructor...whenever does that happen. Our workout for the morning was an Add-ON Workout.  We've done these before in PFPDX, but the workout inspired me to create quite a few more.  Thanks Danielle!

I want you to do grab a friend, an exercise band and do it in the park or in your backyard! 

1. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees to warm up
2. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees FAST
    20 push ups
3. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees FAST
    20 push ups
    20 SBO with band (or heavy weights)
4. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees FAST
    20 push ups
    20 SBO with band (or heavy weights)
    20 Caterpillars with x-push ups
5. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees FAST
    20 push ups
    20 SBO with band (or heavy weights)
    20 Caterpillars with x-push ups
    1 minute LOW speed skaters
6. 2 minutes stairs/jumping jacks/high knees FAST
    20 push ups
    20 SBO with band (or heavy weights)
    20 Caterpillars with x-push ups
    1 minute LOW speed skaters
    20 plank up downs (10 each arm)
7. Repeat #6 2 more times!! 

Make sure to drink your water as you go along and pat your back when all done.  Cheers!!!!
Fun being Danielle's student! 8.24.2011

Belated Post- workout and inspiration from Monday, 8/29/2011


One Full week without Power Fitness PDX and I know you are ALL rocking and rolling with working out on your own!  Right now I type from the Oregon Coast with quads that are fried and a mind that is inspired.  Hood to Coast was incredible this year- in part because of all the talented participants.  Our Team did incredible, and my own splits were great and I know I gave it my all.  AS in when I ask you to put it all out there...I put it ALL out there which really was hard by the third hilly run in 24 hours.  Yet I told myself I would not let anyone pass me, to only pass people and...I did but to one. The one person was a young military veteran who was wounded in the war, and on a team powering through with their wheelchair bikes.  We played cat and mouse back and forth on the hill and then on the down hill he had the wheels, literally, and the best smile as he passed me. For him, I was honored to be Road Kill (Hood to Coast term for anyone you pass when racing).  He inspired me after I finished to never ever EVER even contemplate giving up on anything I deem impossible, as everything is possible.  He stood for challenge, courage, compassion, laughter in life, and camaraderie. Thus, I ask you....

What do you feel you stand for in health?
What is your biggest fear in fitness, and what is holding you back?
What goal are you eager to accomplish in August?

For tomorrow and Tuesday's Fun workout...
100 Club of:
Speed Skaters
200 yd. sprints
False Starts
Runner Lunges
Plyo Push Ups

And 10 Planks for 1 minute.
Split the 100 reps to 4x25 reps or 5x20 reps

Wish you a fantastic morning tomorrow! Work and play hard remembering to Challenge the Power of YOU!!


Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiologyo
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com
w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com
f- Facebook
t- Twitter

Please take a peak at the new resource dedicated to support rockin' Moms in their efforts to become their fittest selves while juggling work, kids, school, and finding 15 minutes to exercise during all stages of motherhood. www.powerofyoufitness.blogspot.com.  You can also catch up with Coach Erin on her personal blog Embrace Life's Challenges

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Couples Date NIGHT! Friday- August 12th!!


Bonus Betties who PFPDX'd when Coach Erin was on vacation!
We are back and ready to train and play!  Yesterday was an intense Tabata workout, and come tomorrow we're doing light weights and stairs. But on Friday- you could pull a double PFPDX day and join for a boot camp - date night too!

Coach Erin & better half, Jack, training on the Na Pali Coast
Come join for the Power Fitness PDX Boot Camp n Date Night!  Couples who train together stay together and we train and play hard. See who is stronger in a wall sit, you or your partner. Go for the gold with a push up contest.  Why not challenge each other while encouraging each other to push harder!

Friday, August 12th, 6:00 pm Power Fitness PDX Boot Camp at Washington Park followed by Food & Drinks at 1400 Bar on Webster Street!  
RSVP by Wednesday, August 10th- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com and register online at www.powerfitnesspdx.com
Estie and Ben laughing HARD after push ups with tough guy Dave!

Post Boot Camp N pre Pub Date Night'ers!  FUN!!!!  RSVP- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com

Hawaii videos

Hello Power Fitness PDX'er's!
I just got done doing a fun workout around the beautiful grounds here in Kauai. I was the only one up with the roosters and sweated like crazy in the warm island humidity. You have already done your workout today, but later today try the one I created for you. Blast through it with intense sessions of 30 second blasts, work your sprints, and have fun!

Running the Na Pali Coast Trail
Take a peak and have some fun!!

Part #1 You Tube Power Fitness PDX 
Part #2 You Tube Power Fitness PDX #2


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly August 1st -5th Update!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend! A few reminders and tips for you during the week of August 1-August 5, 2011

1. The current workout video for tomorrow didn’t go according to how I had hoped. So if I can’t get it done in Hawaii this afternoon video wise, the workout is:

100 Club or 105 club
Do 5 set of 20 reps for each exercise, or 7 sets of 15 reps to be Boot Camp Betties
Jumping Jacks
Jump Squats
Reverse Lunge Kick Through Rotation- each leg
Caterpillars with push up
Push UP rotation arms
Plank Arm pull & push through

Between each set, 3 minutes of running liners or running in place.
Stretch and good luck!
Reminders- keep shoulders back and down, hips tucked, belly button pulled towards spine, knee over  your ankle, smile!

Wednesday, August 3rd, Super Ski Stairs Workout
Watch out….it is a real tough one! 
Need 2x10/12 # weights
Do workout at a park/ field/ big room

Jog 3 laps around a park (2 laps if small park)

20 Burpees with push ups
20 Squat Jumps on a picnic bench
Repeat 3x

Rotational Lunge across field holding weight with both hands shoulder height. Maintaining perfect posture and rotating to each side.
Sprint back to starting point holding weight above head. Drop weight and sprint out and back.
Repeat combo of lunge and sprints 3 x

Mountain Climber 20 count
Push Ups holding weights and doing rows in between each rep. 20 reps.
Repeat combo 2x

Slalom Ski Jumps down a 200 yard line- Jump with both feet, picking them up high off the ground to gain leverage, and jump from side to side. Sprint back to starting point. Repeat 4x

Mountain Climber 20 count
15 Triangle Push Ups w/every third holding in staring position for 10 seconds
Repeat 3x

8 Hill Repeats-
Find a hill and repeat it with the
First 4 reps-70% intensity holding 1 10# weight overheard
Second 8 reps- Sprint 100% intensity to top

20 Squats holding weights
15 Squats with overhead press holding weights
20 Jumping Jacks
Repeat 3x

Plank on Forearms- Max Out
Repeat 3x with rest of 30 seconds in between

Jog 1 Lap Around Park


Way to go SKI BUM- you are done!

2. Next Date Night- Friday, August 12th, 6:00 pm followed by Food & Drinks at 1400 Bar on Webster Street! RSVP by Tuesday, August 9th- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com and register online at www.powerfitnesspdx.com

3. Summer Blast Challenge- August 10th –August 17th- Limited to 16 people, $75/person
- 1 workshop on eating CLEAN- Wednesday, August 10th 6:30-9:00 pm
- 1 workshop follow up on Wednesday, August 17th 6:30-9:00 pm
- 5 classes of Power Fitness PDX – must come to TU/Th if you are MWF and MWF if you are Tu/Th
- Lyon Street Stairs Workout Saturday, August 13th, 9:00 am
REGISTER- via Email to Erin- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com

Thank you to Dory for helping lead the bonus workouts.  It is appreciated by everyone. Those who don’t make the MWF-5:45-6:45 workouts with everyone else, please try to do the workouts at home or workout on your own.

Have a great day!

**** Please pass to your carpool buddy to make sure everyone is set and notified! Mahalo! ****
Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com
w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com
f- Facebook
t- Twitter

Please take a peak at the new resource dedicated to support rockin' Moms in their efforts to become their fittest selves while juggling work, kids, school, and finding 15 minutes to exercise during all stages of motherhood. www.powerofyoufitness.blogspot.com.  You can also catch up with Coach Erin on her personal blog Embrace Life's Challenges

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing Stats- Look Who ROCKED Various Ways!

Seriously, how can you have a base of everyone where the shortest plank is :54 seconds?? Often people can't hold the plank for more than 30 seconds!!  This week everyone in Power Fitness PDX did fitness testing, and will again on Friday, September 2nd. It is always good to see where your baseline is, where you want to improve, and how strong you are. People don't always give themselves the credit they deserve in regards to their hard work.  YOU are many of "those people" who don't credit yourself enough.

When looking at the stats, I can't help but have a huge grin on my face from knowing all the hard work you have done throughout Summer, and how incredible you work every morning. To have some of the top stats be from women who range in age from 32- 65 is phenomenal!!!!  Age is nothing but a number, you can stronger each hour of each day!

Mile Highlights: Dory clocked in at 7:20, Judy 7:56, Annie 8:20, Cory 8:35 and Tina 11:59 power walking! 

Push Up Highlights: Estie 42, Dory 41, Andrea 24 (used to max at 8!), Jeanne & Jen K. both 15, Donna McR did 14, and even those who were nervous about doing 1 perfect push up did 5! 

Wall Sit Highlights: Annie & Tina will be the Wall Sit Queens! Both could keep going at 5:00+ minutes, while Leslie wasn't far behind with 4:43!  Again, the first off the wall was at :54 which is impressive; almost one minute on the wall!

Plank Highlights: Wowie- 5 people did 2:30-3:09! Julie Ann, Estie, Dory, Annie and Andrea!!  Three got past two minutes- Cat, Jen K., Sylvia! 

Everyone tested fiercely and proved that TEAMwork, focus and determination can push anyone to the next level.  I look forward to seeing how all will test in 6 weeks.

Congrats and make time to Challenge the Power of YOU!! 

Coach Erin

Those who tested from MWF & TuTh classes:
Andrea, Annie, Cat, Donna, Dory, Estie, Jeanne, Jen D.C, Jen K.,  Judy, Julie Ann, Cory, Leslie, Tina, Sissy, Donna
Those we missed and can pre-test by Friday at home: Caprice, Danielle, Jolynn, Mary Ann, Rebecca, Sue, Veronica, Nikki 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clean Challenge UPDATE!! 2 New Challenges

 The two weeks was tough for some because of the Summer travels, but the requests were made for a few more challenges.  Take a peak and register for one or both of the next two challenges!!

Summer BLAST BOOT CAMP Clean Challenge:  August 10th-17th

Commit to 5-days of Power Fitness PDX, Saturday workout at Lyon Street Stairs, 1 workshop to cover eating CLEAN on Wednesday, August 10th, and additional follow up workshop on Wednesday, August 17th.  Workshops are 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm (most likely end by 9pm). Topics cover food choices, combining foods, energy levels, why clean eating affects quality of training, balance, and how to keep your energy going throughout the week so you don't burnout on the weekends. Cost is $75, in addition to 2x/week Session of Power Fitness PDX. First 10 to register cost is ONLY $60. Space limited to 16 people. Register by emailing Coach Erin,powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com and include your one challenge you have had this Summer with either health, fitness or nutrition and what prompted you to register for the Challenge.  

Challenge the Power of FALL - Two week workshop/Challenge/classes September 12th-23rd 

Refocus the energy onto you and your health and fitness goals after a busy Summer traveling, BBQ's, long nights with your friends and wine, running all over and entertaining all you adore.  Now time to focus and adore YOU. ie: A mini New Year New YOU Challenge.  Limited to 12 people. Cost is $150 if register by August 15th,  $175 if register by September 3rd.  Must be registered for Power Fitness PDX classes 2x/week. Guaranteed you will find some changes and means to evolve your own goals in health, fitness, wellnes and eating clean.

Any questions or concerns please email Coach Erin- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

11 Day Clean Movin' Challenge -7/18-7/28

Monday, July 18th, also starts a new 11 Day Clean Movin' Challenge.  The goal of the Challenge is to break out of a current habit, eat clean and healthy, and incorporate those elements to your daily lifestyle.  The challenge will have workshops, a couple's workout night, additional specific exercise calendar, and make you focus for only 11 days to kick it up a notch!  The workshop dates are:

Monday, July 18th- 6:30-8:30 pm
Monday, July 25th- 6:30-8:30 pm
Date Night Workout with Healthy FOOD after - Wednesday, July 27th- 6:30 pm-9:00 pm

Part of the Challenge is keeping on online food diary that you will send to me daily.  The Challenge will also include how to eat without guilt, look towards the weekend with hope of good foods- not fear of a Monday food hangover, how to push your fitness limits and believe in yourself, how to push your spouses limits with exercise and workout together, and how to live realistically healthy, active and clean.  Cost - $50 for the whole Challenge. Limited to 15 (outside of date night- that is more because of the +1's). RSVP and register by July 13th.

Friendly reminder the Thank YOU Specials- Expire Sunday, July 10th !

Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com
w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com

Sunday, July 3, 2011

core crazy workout

I decided after an intense swim workout yesterday that I wanted to continue and push myself to my max. After swimming 2500 meters, with four push sets, I pounded out 35 minutes on the Precor working levels. While pounding I created and then implemented the following core conditioning workout. it kicked my fanny and I had two 20-something guys watching and attempting to replicate. They had to stop part way through!

Need: Bosu, 8/10 pound medicine ball, 6-8 pound weight, mat, squat rack (or incline pull up bar)

4 circuits of:
35 reps Medicine Ball Burpees
15 Incline Pull-Ups
25 Mountain Climbers
25 Bosu Plank with Midline Cross Kicks-each leg
35 Side Planks/Elbows Kiss planks- each side
3x15 reps each side of Plank Weight Holds- Elbow plank with left arm at plank 90 degree angle and right arm holding weight underhand grip. Push weight away and squeeze back, similar to a Bicep curl. Keep hips facing mat the entire time.
3x15 reps each side of Plank Up Downs- begin in upright push up position. Bring right arm down to plank position, follow with left arm coming down. Bring right arm up to push up position and repeat with left arm. that equals one rep on the right side. Repeat 15 reps with right arm leading, followed by 15 reps left arm leading. 3 sets.

Bring an extra sweat towel, drink plenty of H2O, and have FUN!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Question & Answer with Coach Erin

Lucy Back

Q: IN class, I have learned how to work with my heart rate to be more effective calorie burning wise, but have a tough time incorporating heart rate work on my own workouts. How can I work with my heart rate to truly exert myself, get stronger, and lose weight but not lose all my energy for the day? - G.L.  

A: The easiest way to incorporate heart rate training is working with the Borg Scale, otherwise known as the rate of perceived exertion, and do 30/30 workouts.  When using the Borg Scale, 1-10 is the numerical scale with 1 being not active at all, such as sitting on your bum surfing Overstock.com, and 10 being full force/all effort/maximum 110%. During Level 7 you can talk and push yourself, Level 8 you can't talk comfortably but can push out words between breaths. Level 9 you can't talk but feel your body pushing beyond the comfort zone. Level 10 means you are all out- pushing everything you have-level used for those times you want to see if the Olympics are in your future. Keep your efforts between 7-9, with some 30 second blasts at 10. Try the following intervals during your next 22 minute cardio session:

1 minute level  
30 seconds level 7Estie Push Up 
30 seconds level 8
30 seconds level 7
30 seconds level 8
1 minute level 7
30 seconds level 8
30 seconds level 9
1 minute level 6
30 seconds level 8
30 seconds level 9
30 seconds level 8
1 minute level 7
1 minute level 8
45 seconds level 9
15 seconds level 10
1 minute level 6
30 seconds level 8
30 seconds level 9
30 seconds level 10
30 seconds level 7
30 seconds level 9
1 minute level 7
1 minute level 6
45 seconds level 7
45 seconds level 8
45 seconds level 6
30 seconds level 10
45 seconds level 6
30 seconds level 10
2 minutes Level 6

Strength Work:
30/30 workout - 30 seconds of each exercise pushing as hard as you can. Do the circuit and then take 1 minute off.  Repeat 2-4x.
30 Seconds Burpees
30 Seconds Prisoner Squats
30 Seconds Dive Bomb Push Ups
30 Seconds Reverse Lunge Core Rotations
30 Seconds High Knees/Low Knees
30 Seconds Core Pike Legs

To ask Coach Erin a question, email her at powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Couples who TRAIN together...

You hear me say it all the time... Couples who train together stay together! How can you not be inspired when working out with your better half?  You are both trying to do something great for your body, challenging yourself physically and mentally, get the endorphin rush going, and that endorphin rush equates with the pumpin' through your hormones too!  When you feel better about yourself physically, and add into that some loving competition ...you are on fire together.

Thus Couples/Daters/Spouses, come join for the next Date Night:

Power Fitness PDX's next Couple's Date Night Boot Camp n Pub Class is:
Friday, June 17th, 6 pm
Washington Park followed with drinks (and a potluck) at McGrath's Irish Pub
$20/couple -  RSVP here.

Take a peek at a previous piece with couple's workout ideas. After reading, take a moment to read the piece ACE Fitness wrote about why it is good to train together.  Now, you must be inspired to grab your Turtle Dove and join in some boot camp fun! 

See you Friday night- be ready to sweat, laugh, and have a great date night! -- Coach Erin

Courtesy of ACE Fitness Fit Facts Newsletter- June 2011 

Couple’s Personal Training—Fitter Bodies, Stronger Relationship

Do you and your loved one regularly carve out quality time for each other? Are you both getting enough exercise to feel healthy, fit and energized? If the answers are not a resounding yes, couple’s personal training could bring you closer. Sharing a workout is a great way to enjoy some together-time and paves the way to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Accountability and Focus

Your odds of sticking with an exercise program go way up, if your significant other is on board. Whether it’s getting up early for a run or lifting weights after work, following through is much easier when your partner is with you. Committing to a couple’s personal training program helps establish fitness as a shared priority and gets you working toward a common goal. You’ll merge your schedules to meet with a personal trainer, and in between sessions, you’ll help each other stay on track.

Dual Purpose

Whether you’re both already active or new to exercise, your trainer will develop custom exercise plans tailored to your needs as individuals and as a couple. Planning a vacation that involves a lot of walking or hiking? Expecting a baby? Training for a fun run? Remodeling your home? Your trainer will take into account whatever is going on in your lives to create a realistic and sustainable plan to help you reach your goals.

Social Support Matters

The value of social support can’t be overstated. Numerous studies show it’s a big factor in successful behavior change. It stands to reason that the person you share your life with has a huge influence on your lifestyle, for better or for worse, and research supports this. Weight loss studies show that when subjects participate in lifestyle interventions, their spouses also lose significant amounts of weight.
Couple’s personal training taps into the power of social support by enabling you to support each other’s fitness efforts in a very focused way. Because you’re in the gym sweating it out together, you’ll gain new insight into each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to offer support.

Enrich Your Relationship

Couple’s personal training will boost more than your fitness level. You’ll have something new to talk about, laugh about and be proud of—together. Research shows that devoted couples who share new and interesting experiences report higher levels of relationship satisfaction than those who don’t. And here’s the bonus: As you become more fit, you’ll be able to enjoy adventures that you wouldn’t dream off participating in when you were sedentary.

Romance + Fitness

Over the long haul, combining romance and fitness can really lift your relationships to new healthy heights. Share an activity and strengthen your bodies while boosting your love life. Couple’s personal training really connects you with your loved one, improves your body image, your mood and your love life.

Additional Resources

How to Choose a Personal Trainer — American Council on Exercise
IDEA FitnessConnect — IDEA Health & Fitness Association
The Best Kind of Couples Therapy — The Cleveland Clinic

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick workout for YOU when getting ready for SUMMER!

We all know the feeling- Summer is just around the corner and swimsuits are ready to be worn. But you hit snooze a few to many times on the alarm clock missing a few to many workouts.  The following workout incorporates the Tabata Method and will help you blast calories, increase your muscle mass and get your lungs in shape for the long hikes/rides/swims of Summer.

The Tabata Method is named after a Japanese researcher who discovered a means to train both your anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time.  The method is simple because it is time based, and the focus is to move FAST!  It is not only a motivating way to train since you don't worry about the number of reps but the time instead, but also efficient and effective for those who are time crunched. How it works is for 20 seconds you complete as many repetitions as possible. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 7 more times.

Time FOR Summer Workout:

You will need 2 Heavy Weights -10/12/15 pounds
Warm Up: 
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute High Knees
1 minute Side Step Touches
1 minute Speed Skaters
1 minute Burpees 

Tabata Round #1:
20 seconds Burpees/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Push Ups Traditional Stance/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunges w/bicep curls holding heavy weights/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunge on Right Leg while doing Shoulder Press/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunge on Left Leg while doing Shoulder Press/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Knee Tuck Jumps/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Mountain Climbers/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Narrow Grip Push Ups with Right Donkey Kick Jumps/rest 10 seconds

Repeat Warm - Up 2x but UBER FAST
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute High Knees
1 minute Side Step Touches
1 minute Speed Skaters
1 minute Burpees 

Tabata Round #2:
20 seconds Burpees/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Push Ups Traditional Stance/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunges w/bicep curls holding heavy weights/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunge on Right Leg while doing Shoulder Press/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Reverse Lunge on Left Leg while doing Shoulder Press/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Knee Tuck Jumps/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Mountain Climbers/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Narrow Grip Push Ups with Right Donkey Kick Jumps/rest 10 seconds

20 seconds Plank with right leg raised/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Plank with left leg raised/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Bicycles FAST/rest 10 seconds
20 seconds Plank with pelvis rotations/rest 10 seconds
Repeat 3x

For any questions please contract Coach Erin.  Have fun, work hard and always make sure to Challenge the POWER of YOU!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Class Specials!

You are incredible- wonderful- and have wanted to register for Summer. Here is your chance- take a peak at the special's below for Power Fitness PDX.  These specials are extended through Wednesday, May 11th.  Happy Mother's Day and wonderful May to you. Let's make this Summer your most active and physically challenging, but incredibly rewarding, yet!

Register for 2 Sessions of PFPDX/L1 Save 10%
3x/week= $342 (norm $380)
2x/week = $243 (norm $270)

Register for 4 Sessions of PFPDX Save 15%
3x/week = $646 (norm $760)
2x/week = $459 (norm $540)

** Register with a friend for 4 Sessions 2x/week Tu/Th & Both Save 20%!
$432 (norm $540)

Email Coach Erin with any questions, and to reserve your space!

And the Date Night's get CRAZIER!

Karen & John doing the Wheel Barrel race
You have asked, we have provided. Yep, you asked for classes to do with your better half (you decide who is the better half!) to get you both moving.  Friday night was the 3rd Power Fitness PDX Boot Camp & Pub Date Night.  And what a night it was...from push ups, to burpees, to drills, to medicine balls, to non-stop laughter amongst everyone.

Estie, Ben, Dave & Annie falling over in laughter
The class started with warm ups of caterpillars & push ups...getting higher each time.  We began with 5 push ups, to 6 push ups, to 7 push ups...to 11 push ups.  Followed by some jogging and plyometrics the couples were warmed up and ready to begin the weight challenges. Just like Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch  a pail of water, the couples had to complete 3 minutes of running back and forth between cones with a light or heavy weight and do 10 push ups at one end.   Following we did wall sits with band resistance- a favorite of many jokes to be remembered for days to come.  After Wall Sits- the group was requesting lots of stairs and sprints. Oh wait, that was me requesting they did them while cheering on their partner.  After our sprints, we had to get some fun competition going by a medicine ball pass game of men vs. women, wheelbarrel races, and circle team dips and high fives.  How can that not kick off a great Friday night?? For some they may question it, but every partner who came has already contacted me that they are ready to come back next month for more and ready to push their bodies harder. Mind you, for one husband he couldn't lift his arms to play basketball on Sunday, another had a rough go sitting and standing on Saturday, and another wanted to have the class upped to every other week instead of 1x/month!

Friday Night - May 6, 2011- Boot Camp & Pub Date Night
Many of you shared your spouses are a bit nervous to attend a Friday Night Boot Camp? They don't need to be scared.  Nervous for how their bodies may feel after, sure, but scared nope! That is why we hit the pub after, because before their bodies have a moment to realize they will be sore, you can say "Honey you did an incredible job. Enjoy your pint, helps replenish your nutrients". And, yes, a pint post workout does do a body good...in moderation that is. Ben Kus, PFPDX'er Estie's husband, shared with all on Friday night a study I had read before that was read in "perfect timing" Friday night. Take a moment to read for yourself.  Mind you, as always, moderation is key. 

Frog & Fiddle was a fun place for our post-class nosh and eats.  Next month we'll head to McGrath's- ready for the great Irish Pub and to check out the Mermaid. Mark your calendar-Friday, June 3rd, 6pm!