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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Ways to get over the "hump"

Wellness Wednesday is being posted on Thursday this week as I have a hump to get over too. Scheduling computer time while juggling sick kiddos this week- my kids, exercise and sleep take priority. But I am figuring my own ways to get over the "hump".  Cheers - Erin Kreitz Shirey

Everyone has minor humps to get over when embarking or excelling in their exercise programs.  For some people excuses come easily, and for others they don't even realize they are giving excuses when listing them off.  Recently I have been working with a few clients who are wonderful, but their bodies are full of nerves and trying to find the one "reason" that will make them eager to exercise.  My response is there isn't one reason, but hundreds of reasons, so let's find the some reasons that work with you.  While that may sound trite, it makes people focus on what their real goals are for exercise and for their future health.

Our brain plays many tricks and while some people want to lose weight for an event, drop the baby weight, or one day do a marathon the goals seem far off unless written down.  They also seem far off if you don't share your goal with somebody- be it your partner, best friend, or even your child's teacher. When writing a goal down, you make it a reality that you want it to happen.  When you say it out loud to someone you see regularly, seeing that person is a reminder of what you shared. 

Now, three tasks for you to accomplish.
  1. Write down 5 things you are excited about with exercise
  2. Write down 5 things that make you nervous about exercise
  3. Write down 5 Health & Fitness Goals YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH by 1/1/2011
Share your concerns and your goals with someone, or email me.   You are able to make these goals and changes happen, one day at a time. Think of the smaller picture and then go big. IN order to run your first 5K, you have to first lace your shoes to get outside.  In order to lose your last 10 pounds of baby weight, you need to start making your time a priority and schedule 10 minutes a few times each day for YOU.

You can do it, and know you will accomplish your goals.  Now is the time to make YOU a priority and this year the best yet. I look forward to being part of your new health and fitness adventures and helping you challenge yourself and your comfort zone.