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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workout Wednesday- March 14th, 2012

Are you getting a bit stir crazy from the rain?
Are you ready to bring it up a notch in your own home?
 Get sweaty now with this workout...

Need: Jump Rope (or pretend), stop watch, water bottle, towel

Rainy Day Rack UP The Sweat Workout
Jump rope for 90 seconds
20 Jump Squats
20 Count High Knees
20 Count Speed Skaters
20 Caterpillars

Repeat above circuit doing exercises with proper form 3x and 2-3x faster.

Speed Jump Rope - 60 seconds
Reverse Jump Lunges - 30 seconds
Crab Dips with Alternate Leg Kicks-30 seconds
Air Punching Bag in front- to right -to left-30 seconds
Dive Bomb Push Ups- 30 seconds
Bicycles-30 seconds

Repeat circuit 3x and go 2-3x faster. 

Wipe off sweat, sit down and listen to the rain trickling on the windows.

Congrats on making your rainy day workout a keeper....

Remember to always CHALLENGE yourself and to Dig Deep. Play Hard! 

Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

Some rainy day, post RDRUS Workout, dress up with my Kiddo equates laughs for you.  Cheers- Coach Erin

And an old workout video with some options of cardio drills to do with your babes:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workout Wednesday- March 7th, 2012

Hey There!
Ready for some Glutes, the "Girls", Guts 'n Guns

For this workout, you need 5-8 pound weights, an exercise mat, jump rope and an elevated step (or bench).
Warm up with 5 minutes combined speed skating,  running in place, jumping jacks
 and false starts.
Dara Torres embodies a strong G workout!

Curtsey Squat- both legs- 20x
Holding Weights, Bent over dead lift, raise to plyo jump and tricep press back- 20x
Donkey Kicks (hold onto a bench or table top if you need to)- 20x/leg- holding last kick for 20 seconds
Bridges with knees hip width apart-20x , followed by knees "kissing" - 20x
Bridges with Chest Fly of weights- 20x

2 minutes jumping rope

Chest - aka "the Girls" for some of you:
Inverted Bear Walk - feet elevated on bench- 10x
Rainbow Push Ups- 20x
Wide Angle Fly w/20 count pulses every other rep-10x

2 minutes jumping rope

Plie Squat with "Go Go Go's"- 1 minute
Wide Angle Bicep curls - 20x
21's - (7 all the way extended, 7 half way curl to 90 degree angle, 7 full extension again) x3
Side Lying Push Tricep Push Up- 15x/side

2 minutes jumping rope

Rowing down the river holding weight- 1 minute
Traditional Crunch with belly tuck- 20x
Froggy sit ups - 20x
Side Plank on elbow- 10x/side

2 minutes jumping rope

Repeat circuit 3x

Have a fun time and work your G's!
Email with any questions on the exercises- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com