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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gemma Lim- 2012 Challenge Winner!!!

Here it is, one week post Power Fitness PDX POWER of YOU 2012 Challenge Winner Awards.  All the participants are still on a high, and feeling incredible. In the week since the awards more athletic feats have been happening, such as Annie dropping her PR in the Portland Rock N Roll Half Marathon, Michelle registering for the Mermaid Duathalon and Gemma pacing sub 10 minute miles on her training runs.  Monica, Rebecca, Alyx and Jeanne are all continuing on their dynamic paths in health and fitness too.  To say I am proud as a trainer of these women is an understatement. I am beyond grateful that they believed in themselves to GO FOR IT!

The Challenge was a stepping stone to a lifetime of better health and fitness.  It helped break bad habits while creating good habits. The Challenge allowed the women to focus on making lifestyle changes, that would forever evolve the way they view their bodies, their inner strengths, nutrition, stress management, goal setting and taking time to honor and take care of themselves.

Everyone won the Challenge in various ways, but the overall winner, Gemma Lim, stood out from the rest.  Gemma's entire life was altered and she is a brand new person.  She found a new life while strengthening and growing her already incredible one.  She found a real "athlete" inside a woman who "works out".  Gemma found her true self and isn't done on her health and fitness journey...it is only just the beginning.  The following letter is about Gemma's journey...

It’s been over a week and I’m still in disbelief that I won the Challenge. We all worked so hard at pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone and I’m truly honored and humbled beyond words.

When I decided to join the Challenge, I had only hoped to lose more weight and inches through 10 weeks of focus and discipline. I didn’t realize that the Challenge is so much more than weight loss. You introduced clean eating as a major component in overall health and fitness. For 10 weeks I ate “clean” and I saw a huge difference in how I performed. Not only did I start losing weight and inches, my body got stronger and I had fewer headaches. What was even more amazing was my mind shifted and I sought healthy eating after the Challenge was over. Don’t get me wrong, the temptations are still out there calling my name, but I choose to eat the healthier options. Eating clean is so easy and sustainable! It really is! I hope that more people embrace clean eating and throw away all the junk food that is making our bodies sick.

Through our discussions, I stopped hesitating and challenged myself to do the SJR half marathon after years of contemplating whether I was fit enough to run a half. My family is amazed at my transformation. They have become accustomed to my Saturday morning long runs as part of my training for the half. I have become a runner! What a huge accomplishment, Erin! I know that SJR is just the beginning and I will run other races in the future. I am so excited that I have found another sport to help keep me fit, healthy and strong.

The Challenge also helped me re-evaluate my personal relationships.  I now put myself as priority and make a point of spending more quality time with Rene and incorporating fitness into our times together. I couldn’t be happier and always look forward to boot camp date nights and future trail runs together. 

I learned so much from participating in the Challenge and I highly recommend it to anyone. Ten weeks is all it takes and you will discover that you have it in you! 


Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey & Challenge Winner 2012 Gemma Lim
Awards Night, May 14, 2012