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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dedication. Discipline. Determination

As a trainer it is often assumed you have an innate athletic ability.  Your clients assume you don't get tired, that your body doesn't get worn from teaching classes day in and out, and that you are "lucky" to have a strong back or arms. But what clients sometimes don't realize is that being a trainer takes constant work and discipline like in any profession.  Ours is just one that is apparent to all since we "wear" our work via our bodies. If we are not keeping ourselves strong and in shape, you know. If we are not being disciplined in getting our own workouts, you can tell when we teach.  Thus, as a trainer you DO have to plan your workouts like everyone else.  You have to manage your schedule to allow time to get in cardio, strength, balance and agility work.  Throw in the schedule teaching a few hours of exercise classes and additional hours of computer work and yep, it is easy to make excuses why not to work out like those you train.

But for me, to be a trainer, means I won't back down. I must practice what I preach and be honest with YOU along the way.  I must make time to run on days I would rather sleep an additional 45 minutes. Schedule time to lift weights during my only open workout window mid-day, when I would rather enjoy a leisurely lunch with my little one and friends.  While I do love to train for triathlons and running, I am one to admit I would rather do that than strength training.  I sometimes talk to myself during the first 10 minutes of conditioning work saying, "I REALLY don't want to do this. Erin, give yourself at least 15 minutes to get going.  You MUST sweat before you can stop anything." After the first 15 minutes, the endorphins have kicked in and I am in the workout and training groove. I feel my muscles engaged and am inspired to go longer and push deeper.  I know that the after-effects are INCREDIBLE and how I feel post exercise is a natural high like no other.

Exercise takes discipline, but the discipline brings unlimited rewards. Yes there is time you must put in to smooth out your schedule and create windows to exercise, but remember, at the end of the day nobody ever says they wish they didn't exercise.  Rather, people say at the end of the day "I wish I did exercise. I'll just start tomorrow".  But I ask YOU, "Why start tomorrow what you can do today?? Why?".  Look at your schedule and find 2-3 15-30 minute windows.  Once you do, try one of the at home workouts, go for a run, come to Power Fitness PDX early in the morning, or turn on your iPod and dance around your house.  Whatever you do, know that we are all in the exercise challenge together.  We are ALL working at strengthening ourselves daily and making time to Challenge the Power of YOU!

Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Coach and Trainer
Power Fitness PDX LLC

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