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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Session Testing!

Friday, September 10th, was testing morning in the Women's Only Boot Camp.  Half of the group made it to class, and the other half will have fun testing later. The women did INCREDIBLE! And I don't say that lightly! Truly incredible! They came early when it was dark and left in what was one of the most beautiful mornings in a long time.

Highlights over all:
Veronica- Ran 7:13 minute mile (On June 25th it was 7:42), did 21 push ups on her toes and 33 overall, held the wall sit for 2:50 (on June 25th it was 1:01)!!
Kate- Held the plank for 1:47 (On July 29th it was 1:30), Mile in 10:30 (July 27th the half mile was 6:29)!!
Aimee- Ran the mile in 7:54 (on July 28th it was 9:13), did 30 push ups on her toes and 45 overall (July 28th it was 15 toes/33 overall) and the wall sit for 3:47(On July 28th it was 1:15)!!
Estie- First time testing and did the wall sit for 3:47, 16 Toes but 50 total push ups, and plank for 1:32!!
Heidi- First time testing and rocked 21 push ups on her knees, wall sit for 1:24 and did the mile in 9:19!!

Now curious what they will do next testing- WOW!!  Congrats ladies on making your mark!

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