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YOU have the power, strength and courage to make your life the best yet. Without even realizing it, you possess incredible determination and dedication to be your most active self possible...you just need a little nudge, education, and support. Through working with Power Fitness PDX your goals will not only be reached, but surpassed. What you thought was physically impossible for you to achieve will seem like a walk in the park when done training with Power Fitness PDX. You will not only feel and look better externally, but internally too. To improve one's strength on the outside has to come from improving their strength on the inside. It is time to Challenge the POWER of YOU! TM

Thursday, July 29, 2010

YOU- Stronger YOU

We just finished Power Fitness PDX Testing.  It is a time that seems to rouse nerves from Junior High Physical Fitness Testing. Yet it is done because testing shows (or can show YOU) how far you have come in strength. But it is not just physical strength, but mental strength as well.  Many people equate physical fitness with the body and how it works, yet much of how we are physical reaches back to the mental state that got us there. While there may be nerves in PE Testing, the anxiety some spoke of in Power Fitness PDX is due to nerves of truly seeing where they are currently and how far they want to go.

All of us set the reality of what level we are at when pushing hard beyond our comfort zone, or do we? Some teammates' nerves aren't ready to be pushed beyond the comfort zone, which doesn't allow their body to get to the next level. That steps into the mental game and our powerful inner voice.

Your body is an incredible tool and CAN DO MANY THINGS! Yes, when testing, you should be sore the next day. "Why" you ask?  Because you tried your hardest to see what level YOU could go to. Not what your teammates could do, but what YOU could do.  You reached far to dig into your personal strength and hold a wall sit for 20 more seconds when wanting to give up. You pushed the mile at a pace that was uncomfortable but challenged your legs to feel like fire.  You held a plank with all limbs shaking and eager to give out, but a mind not allowing them to knowing there was a physical reserve to go longer.  You were determined to reach your age in push ups and while uncomfortable through each extension knew your limbs would flex and extend while your strong core wouldn't give out.  It is reaching THAT level of acknowledging YOU have the strength and courage to push yourself to try something you haven't done before.

I know you can do it.  You make it to class each day ready for the unexpected. You get frustrated with certain exercises but push through them.  Now allow your mind to help push YOU to the next physical level. Your body will follow and I promise to be along and guide you.

Congrats on another day of incredible testing. YOU amaze me daily making me eager to challenge myself harder and reach further for more goals than I thought possible.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Power of YOU Power MOM- Fall Fitness Challenge

Power Fitness PDX 
Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge...
    A bit of Mom Power for all uber-Women
     Monday, September 27th - Friday, December 3rd- 2010

The kids are back in school and it is time to take care of YOU! Fall Fitness Challenge matches you up with a fitness buddy and puts you through an intense fitness/health/ wellness challenge.  You will be challenged to change your life to become your strongest and healthiest self YET, starting the holiday season and New Years off right! The goal is to transform your overall health and wellness to kick off the New Year full speed feeling incredible from the inside out.

The Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge incorporates:       
10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX 3x/week - $475
       ** Class options – M/W/F 5:45 am or 50+ M/Tu/Th 8:45 am**
4 bonus classes incorporated to 4 weeks just for Challenge participants -$80
3 Workshops on balancing nutrition/fitness/wellness/time-$150
4 Hours to PASS – Your personal assistant to life -$160
2x 30 minute 1:1 Sessions with Trainer Erin Kreitz Shirey $150
Pre & Post Challenge Measurements - $40
3 AT Home workouts -$50
3 Training Runs for a 5K Run Walk in November - $45
Power Fitness PDX Workout Tank Top - $25
Support and goodies from many businesses to help you keep healthy and fit throughout the Challenge
Final Celebration Night with Prizes for Every Challenge Participant-
        $300+ value
Value of services $1475

The Mama who loses the most body fat and reaches her personal life and fitness goals receives a new workout outfit from Born Fit, Dress, Haircut/color, Make Up Session, 4 Hours from PASS, 4 Hours of design time from Ignition Architecture, Massage, Mani/Pedi, Cooking Lesson, and much more.
                      Awards night is Thursday, December 9th, Shay’s Cafe

One lucky Mom can write in and share why she is the deserving Mom for the Challenge and will be honored with a scholarship for the entire program. Send all letters to: powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  or   PO Box 1077, Alameda CA 94501

         RSVP ASAP!  Limited to 20 participants.   Price for entire Challenge: $700
         Payment can be made in 2 payments. Must pay 50% to reserve your space.
Thanks to supporting busineses: PASS, Shay’s CafĂ©, BornFit, Smart Water, Flex Power, Salon One, Lilac, Ignition Architecture, Daisy’s, Mary Kay, Run Like A Mother, Sumbody, Herbs & Spices Catering, Power Fitness PDX, Tuckers, and many more

***In addition to classes, Power Fitness PDX CEO/Master Trainer and Coach provides health, fitness, and wellness workshops and events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Erin’s focus is to help women (and men) develop their self-esteem through athletics and truly look at exercise as a way of life. When not chasing after her two little girls or teaching, Erin writes for many athletic and family publications.  She has a BS in Kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates, Sports Nutrition and Fit to Deliver Pre and Postnatal Certified trainer.         powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  www.powerfitnesspdx.com  and  www.powerofyoufitness.blogspot.com 

Make your Fall COUNT & let Power Fitness PDX
Challenge the Power of YOU!
www.powerfitnesspdx.com   503.703.1269
PO Box 1077- Alameda CA 94501

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Bring Your Buddy To BOOT CAMP Class!

Wednesday, July 21st, 5:45 am- Free Boot Camp Bring A Friend Class!
Bring a friend with you to share a FUN Boot Camp stair workout.  Class will blast through in the  early morning, followed by challenging core work.  Coffee, healthy muffins, goodies, and class specials to toast those who rock the stairs.  Wednesday Buddy Specials for Session 7, Fall Sessions and the Fitness Challenge starting September 27th. 

RSVP by July 20th.

When: Wednesday, July 21st
Time: 5:45 am-6:45/7:00 am
Where: Washington Park Stairs, Alameda
Why: To kick start your morning & blast your body

I look forward to seeing you there! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take a peak

Two months ago at the Mother's Day Celebration Class, we had a blast.  The day was gorgeous and we got some incredible photos.  A dear friend, Marlynn, has an incredible design company Urban Bliss Design. Take a peak at the ad she did for Power Fitness PDX, highlighting Power Fitness PDX Women's Only Boot Camper Nikki. Way to go Nikki, you are now sharing with the world the rockin' PFPDX workouts!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Happy Monday-

A new week, another opportunity to challenge yourself to new activities.  How are YOU feeling with the Clean Challenge? HOW have you been with drinking more water, cooking your meals, eating foods with 5 ingredients or less, adding vegetables to all meals, adding additional exercise time daily and using your body as your vehicle?  Are you noticing how you sleep better?  Are you noticing the way your body feels stronger when exercising?  When you provide yourself with the best nutrients possible, it will perform better for you, thus allowing you to go farther and longer when training.

This morning the Women's Only Boot Camp & 50+ Women's Boot Camp brought it.  From weight circuits to plyometrics, the challenges were there and their bodies were moving continuously.  Make sure to stretch, and add in additional 15-30 minutes of cardio tonight.  Be it walking(speedy walking) to do errands, going for a run or ride, or hitting the elliptical.  That will up your ante even more and push you past the threshold for the Clean Challenge. 

Tuesday, July 13th- 50+ Boot Camp@ Crown Beach- 321 Bands
Wednesday, July 14th- Women's Only Boot Camp@ Washington Park - Stairs & Park Fun

Mark your calendars for some fun events too:

Wednesday, July 21st, 5:45 am- Free Boot Camp Bring A Friend Class!
Bring a friend with you to share a fun stair workout, coffee, and healthy muffins.  Wednesday Buddy Specials for Session 7 and the Fall.  RSVP by July 20th.

Monday, July 26th, Session 7 Begins!  Register ASAP to reserve your space.

Thursday, August 5th, 7:30-9:00 pm, Power Fitness PDX Night at Pappo! Enjoy a night toasting your Summer of hard work. See what your fellow Power Fitness PDX'ers really look like when in non-work out clothes, and celebrate the efforts everyone has made over Summer. From push ups, to burpees, to ladder drills, to learning to stand up tall with shoulders back. YOU ARE DOING IT, now celebrate the camaraderie that comes with the hard work. RSVP to Erin by August 3rd and please bring cash to avoid to many split tabs.

Wednesday, September 1st - Friday, September 3rd-5:45-6:50 am- FALL BLAST FUN!
3-day blast of stairs, drills, speed work, agility and 65 minutes of intense class.  Kick starts you to the FALL and each day has a specific theme. Must register and commit for all 3 days of the Blast.

Monday, September 27th - Friday, December 3rd-  Power Fitness PDX- Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge....A bit of Mom Power for all uber-Women
The kids are back in school and it is time to take care of YOU! Fall Fitness Challenge matches you up with a fitness buddy and ... incorporates 10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX including 4 weeks of 4x/week classes, 3 Workshops on balancing nutrition/fitness/wellness/time, support and goodies from additional businesses to keep you healthy and fit( such as PASS, Shay's Cafe, BornFit, SmartWater, Flex Power, Boogie Wipes) and final celebration night with prizes for everyone.  The Mama who loses the most body fat and reaches her personal life and fitness goals receives a new workout outfit from Born Fit, Dress, Haircut/color, Make Up Session, 4 Hours from PASS, 4 Hours of design time from Ignition Architecture, Massage, Mani/Pedi, Cooking Lesson, and much more.  The goal is to transform your overall health and wellness to kick off the New Year full speed feeling incredible from the inside out. One lucky Mom can write in and share her story why she is the deserving Mom for the Challenge and will be honored with a scholarship for the entire program.  Additional info to come, but RSVP ASAP!

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have and know my goal it help you reach your health and fitness goals incorporating them to your daily lives.  Fitness should be fun and rewarding (while challenging), and I love watching you all encourage one another as a TEAM.  Feel free to pass the email along to any of your friends that you think would benefit from Power FitnessHave a wonderful afternoon and I look forward to getting you Challenge Sheets on Wednesday!  I am curious who will be wearing a new pair of shoes from Scott's next week!


Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com
w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com
b- www.powerfitnesspdx.blogspot.com
f- www.facebook.com/power-fitness-pdx
t- http://twitter.com/powerfitness 

Please take a peak at the new resource dedicated to support rockin' Moms in their efforts to become their fittest selves while juggling work, kids, school, and finding 15 minutes to exercise during all stages of motherhood. www.powerofyoufitness.blogspot.com

REGISTER for the next Session starting July 26th ASAP!

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb

Monday, July 5, 2010

What is the NEXT dream?

I have been reading through some past blogs that seemed to trigger many thoughts by clients, other business owners, health and fitness professionals and friends. The following is from a trip last Summer that affected me much more than I thought. I still remember the morning of this run with intense clarity.  Enjoy the read and I ask YOU- what is your next dream??
"YOU must do things you think you can not do"
"I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experience behind him."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I went to Washington DC in July with my Mom and Sister. It was my first non-work related trip away from my girls. I was excited, nervous and eager to have fun exploring DC. I have been there quite a few times when growing up, but for some reason, this trip truly had a profound impact on me. May it be that I am now a Mom to two bright and talented girls, and wasn't before. Is it because I am so passionate about health and fitness, and we are in the midst of healthcare crisis as a Nation? Is it because I am embarking on new adventures and dreams this Fall and excitedly open to the changes that lie ahead? Who knows, but it hit me and hit me hard- you honestly have the power within to become a GREAT leader and create your own dreams.

When in DC I went running a lot. It is how I explore a city and my time in the early morning to learn about the new cities sites and smells. I love people watching as I run and waving to other runners. My last run I decided to return to the Lincoln Memorial.

I ran through the Washington Mall towards the Lincoln Memorail and my mind was racing through all the historical events that have taken place there. Mostly I was thinking about the leaders who were eager to make a change and challenge themselves to follow their hearts. It is interesting when looking back in time at those who put themselves out there did so with guts and determination, encouraging others eyes to open and feel the intensity and passion about their various causes. Be it Washington in becoming the first President in a newly independent country, Lincoln helping create a united country for everyone and abolishing slavery, Eleanor Roosevelt encouraging all to have love and respect despite their special needs, or Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted ALL to have equal rights despite their ethnicity or gender.

Washington DCI ran to the top step in front of the Lincoln Memorial to the exact position where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood when he culminated the March on Washington with the historic "I Have A Dream" speech. I looked down the Mall at the Washington Monument and closed my eyes envisioning the thousands of people sharing in Dr. King's vision. The people who came out and needed a leader to listen to their concerns, and be the voice who could speak their words. I was beyond overcome with emotion and started to cry. The passion Dr. King and the other leaders had to not only wish for a change, but MAKE IT HAPPEN despite the unknown challenges is profound. Not everyone will put themselves out there for others, but what people don't realize is how they CAN!

I continued my run and had a vision in my head- that of the leaders practicing the changes that need to happen for our country to be healthier. it was a comical vision of Congress and Senate in their suits doing a boot camp workout on the Mall, but I realized that IS my vision. In order for our kids to be healthy they need to see their parents model the behavior. In order for adults to be healthy they need to see the leaders of all realms of life model healthy behavior. And I am determined to make that happen...one challenge at a time.

Thus I ask you, are you walking the walk as you talk the talk? Are you exercising daily, eating your fruits and veggies, taking time to meditate and do something for your own wellness, and are you talking positively to yourself daily? In order for us to implement our dreams we need to believe, and I believe you have the POWER to accomplish anything possible. The hardest part is the first action of commitment, once that is done, map out your dream and make change happen. YOU are a great leader, but make sure to BELIEVE it TOO!

olympics 2008- Erin Shirey, CEO of Power Fitness PDX, Master Trainer & Coach
* after the Hulaman Triathlon 8.16.09