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Thursday, July 29, 2010

YOU- Stronger YOU

We just finished Power Fitness PDX Testing.  It is a time that seems to rouse nerves from Junior High Physical Fitness Testing. Yet it is done because testing shows (or can show YOU) how far you have come in strength. But it is not just physical strength, but mental strength as well.  Many people equate physical fitness with the body and how it works, yet much of how we are physical reaches back to the mental state that got us there. While there may be nerves in PE Testing, the anxiety some spoke of in Power Fitness PDX is due to nerves of truly seeing where they are currently and how far they want to go.

All of us set the reality of what level we are at when pushing hard beyond our comfort zone, or do we? Some teammates' nerves aren't ready to be pushed beyond the comfort zone, which doesn't allow their body to get to the next level. That steps into the mental game and our powerful inner voice.

Your body is an incredible tool and CAN DO MANY THINGS! Yes, when testing, you should be sore the next day. "Why" you ask?  Because you tried your hardest to see what level YOU could go to. Not what your teammates could do, but what YOU could do.  You reached far to dig into your personal strength and hold a wall sit for 20 more seconds when wanting to give up. You pushed the mile at a pace that was uncomfortable but challenged your legs to feel like fire.  You held a plank with all limbs shaking and eager to give out, but a mind not allowing them to knowing there was a physical reserve to go longer.  You were determined to reach your age in push ups and while uncomfortable through each extension knew your limbs would flex and extend while your strong core wouldn't give out.  It is reaching THAT level of acknowledging YOU have the strength and courage to push yourself to try something you haven't done before.

I know you can do it.  You make it to class each day ready for the unexpected. You get frustrated with certain exercises but push through them.  Now allow your mind to help push YOU to the next physical level. Your body will follow and I promise to be along and guide you.

Congrats on another day of incredible testing. YOU amaze me daily making me eager to challenge myself harder and reach further for more goals than I thought possible.

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