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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Power Fitness PDX Indian Summer News- Challenge Yourself

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Challenge YOURSELF

What are YOU waiting for? Why are you doing the same workout, but NOT challenging yourself? What is holding you back and how can you conquer those nerves? Generally it isn't physical limitations, but mental. Scheduling conflicts are actually enabling people to not reach their health, fitness and wellness goals. They can be crutches that are mentally keeping them too busy/overscheduled/overworked so there is no time to take care of themselves. But with the many inspirational people around who are using their bodies and overcoming their crutches, it leads to NO excuses for you. As your trainer and coach, if I give into your reality of tired legs, too many appointments or having to stay at home to wait for the Cable Man, than I am not doing you justice. It is my job to continue to motivate you, provide challenging workout options...for every ability, lifestyle, age, lack of sleep, limited time and overworked person. YOU CAN DO IT--make yourself and your LIFE a priority NOW!

Ten years ago, I taught Adaptive PE for 2 years. It was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences I have had. My caseload was 40 kids at 12 schools, and I was to create effective exercise programs for each student. Their needs ranged from severely disabled to high functioning Autism. The kids blew me away with their dedication to overcoming their personal challenges. There was one student, Bethanny, who had Cerebral Palsy. She was highly functioning, and we were working on walking, balancing, coordination and taking each of our sessions together as a fun time to explore WHAT she could do. As a team, Bethanny and I pushed her body. She showed the dedication of an Olympic Athlete with me, yet was challenged daily on the playground. She was overcoming her challenges with the gift of a body she was given. At the end of our 2 school years, Bethanny was taking steps, standing on her own while throwing a ball, and attempting to run some steps. When I worked with Bethanny she was ages 8-10, and she didn't let her natural physical limitations stop her; she was determined to overcome them. No excuses; she was making her move.

When growing up I was in a babysitting co-op with a boy named Creighton. He was born with a congenital defect and didn't have fingers and one of his legs stopped above his knee. He was always fiercely independent and made his mark in the world. When going to high school, Creighton excelled in academics and was always active. But now he is really making his mark. Creighton is competing in triathlons and running races, becoming a very medaled athlete. In his thirties, he is challenging his body daily with what it can do. Through doing what he has grown to love, Creighton is inspiring others to make their MARK and work with their bodies. He hopes to inspire physically challenged youth to start now and always be moving. There are no excuses; the time is NOW to go for it.

Bethanny and Creighton were given bodies with physical challenges that could limit and enable them to not be active. They both have days where they don't want to exercise, push their bodies and they are tired--but they do it. The limits of time, work and medical appointments don't hinder them physically, but encourage them. We are all given one life to make the best possible. Define what it is that is holding you back from reaching the next level of your goals. Say it out loud, write it down, and know that YOU WILL overcome it. NO excuses. I am with you along the way to make your time count and help you become your most active self yet. Let's see what you CAN do to Challenge the Power of YOU!

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---Erin Kreitz Shirey,
Owner & Lead Trainer of

Power Fitness PDX LLC

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

15 minute BLAST workout

Yep, YOU HAVE 15 minutes.  Now, use them wisely and push it with this workout. 

- 2 minutes high knees in place *Remember knees to hands, not hands to knees
- 2 minutes stairs or liners
- 1 minute mountain climbers
- 1 minute plank
- 3x15 push ups
- 3x15 dips with 5-count holds every 5th rep
- 2 minute False Starts * going low to lunge position
- 1 minute curtsey squat each leg
- 2x15 shoulder push ups
- 1 minute ab bicycles
- 1 minute reverse plank, slow breathing

I look forward to seeing you in Power Fitness PDX.

Erin kreitz Shirey