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Monday, June 4, 2012

Power Fitness PDX Rockstar- Donna rockin' her new self in Maui!

Many people start Power Fitness PDX for various reasons.  One PFPDX'er, Donna, has grown exponentially. Not only has she found an inner strength, she has realized that because you are in your 50's it doesn't mean you have to give up on "you".  Donna shared her story, and I hope she may help inspire one of you to hop on a bike and ride to the top of the Haleakala Crater too! 
Cheers- Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

I came to Power Fitness PDX and Erin at a time that I felt I had hit the wall.  Even though I was working out daily with an elliptical and spin bike and doing some light weights my weight loss had stalled and I didn’t feel like I was getting the results for the effort that I was putting in.  I found myself using the excuse “you are almost 53-lighten up.”  But somehow I knew I was capable of more and I absolutely wanted more.

In my two months with Erin I have learned that while I was working out I wasn’t pushing myself to my limits.  Erin has taught me that its OK to go to a level of discomfort in my workout-I am not going to get hurt, I am going to get stronger!  After 3 months I am down 16 lbs and 12 inches.  When I started I could barely hold plank for 20 secs, now I can hold a perfect plank for over a minute.

Doing burpees on vacation!
I had a trip to Maui coming up and I was worried that I would backslide so prior to my trip I made a daily exercise plan and I packed my bands and my jump rope.  The cottage we were staying at was new to me so I didn’t know what the area was going to look like-I hit the jackpot! The grounds were beautiful with lots of paths and grassy areas so I could do my workouts outdoor and with some privacy.  I set up stations-jump rope for two minutes in the parking lot, run back to the lanai and perform squats and overhead press with the bands, set the timer for an 11 minute run. I pulled out the ipad and watched Erin’s videos-I changed it up each day and since I had a pool not 20 steps from my door I even did some running and swimming in the pool.

On my 53rd birthday we got up at 1 am and drove to Haiku where we joined others for a trip up to Haleakala Crater to watch sunrise and then ride bikes down the crater back to Haiku. This has been something that I have wanted to do since I first went to Maui at the age of 18 and hiked Haleakala. It was definitely a bucket list event for me!  The bike ride downhill was a scream-literally 30 mphs screaming Weeeeeeee!

On the ride down there were three hills that we had to climb and I was worried.  I’ve always had difficulty riding hills and I would have to get off and walk the hill, which always made me feel terrible.  Well I rode up each of those hills with no problem even beating others to the top! On one hill I almost stepped off the bike but I heard Erin’s voice “keep going and going and going.” 

Donna- strong and active!! Way to go DONNA!!
It felt great to be able to do all the things I wanted to do on vacation; scuba, the bike ride, and feeling pretty good about how I looked in a swimsuit and in this little dress that I bought special for our luau dinner.  The early mornings, the bugs, the sweat and yes even the burpees have all been worth it.  Thank you Erin for challenging me to find the power in ME and I look forward to just getting better, and better and making this year the best yet! 

Donna Wyatt

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