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Monday, June 11, 2012

Adventurous Summer

Summer days are here again, and we want them to never end!   
Go for an adventure run... in the MUD!

Summer is here and the days are long, goals are big, and weeks seem to be packed full of trips and family visits. Before you realize it, Labor Day arrives after what seems to feel like Summer just began. 
Don't let that happen this year...don't miss out on the Summer fun-ventures, but embrace them and the long, sun-filled days! Try the following ideas to make this Summer the best and most active one yet. 
Dig deep. PLAY HARD!

1. Create an ADVENTURE BOX with your family and friends.
If you are an empty nester, singleton, family of 10, or newly married do this activity. Take a shoe box and decorate it with pictures, postcards, words and phrases for places, events and ideas that intrigue you. ON different pieces of paper, write down activities, goals, concerts and classes you want to do.  ie: "Go for trail run in Santa Cruz Mountains and then play at the Boardwalk at night",  or  "Camp in Lake Tahoe". Put all the paper slips in the box. Take your calendar and pick out 1 day/week as your adventure day. Each person gets to pick from the box various adventures and add them to the calendar. By Summer's end, everyone will have completed various adventures together and created treasured memories. 

2. Plan Races and Workouts with Friends who don't live by you.
You tell your best friend who lives across the Bay that you want to see him, but long days at work and life get in the way of meeting up. Why not use Summer as your time to train together weekly for a race? Or set a bike date and  meet up in San Francisco for a ride? Use the longer days to make a mid-week training session happen and put it on your calendar...now.

3. Get outside your COMFORT Zone and REGISTER for a NEW RACE.
You have talked about wanting to get outside your comfort zone for a while. NOW is your time. Get dirty, push your limits, see what you are truly MADE of! Each morning you blast through the hour or burpees, sprints and plyometrics training hard. YOU are not just training for life, but training for the adventurous life available to you at your fingertips. Meaning, the Bay Area has some of the most incredible kayaking adventures, mud runs, and urban obstacle challenges in the country. Hop online and register for one now!   
Adventure Out- California's Leader in Outdoor Adventure
Outback Adventures 
© 2012 Erin Kreitz Shirey- When not teaching Power Fitness PDX, writing fitness articles or creating advneures to conquer, you can find Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey doing cannonballs with her kids in the swimming pool. To reach her visit powerfitnesspdx.com or 503.703.1269.

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