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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 8/21- Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge

Day  8 - How do you feel??? Are you feeling in balance, rested, cleaner?  Some of you have shared incredible results and changes thus far. 

Check these out:
Sarah Woldemar Tama This looks like an awesome workout. If I already did my HIIT workout for today, but not this one, can I modify the challenge and do this tomorrow? Or should I just wait and do this one again when you have us do it on Thursday? Awesome videos! I am feeling them, for sure!

Jennifer Ann Serr I think we did some of this workout this morning in your special free class and some of it on Monday in our PFPDX class. I definitely feel good, but my thighs are a teensy weensy bit shakey and feeling the workout. I can't believe I've worked out in some way 6 out of the last 7 days. I have never in my lifetime ever done that and additionally, tracking all my food on Live Strong. One of the great benefits to tracking food is that it takes time and is kind of a pain, so you want to eat fewer foods and better foods so that you don't have to track as much. I'm already feeling firmer, stronger and more confident after a month of PFPDX and 1 week in the challenge. Yahoo! oh and did I mention that I found my core? Yes!

Donna Wyatt Thanks so much for this Erin. I've found myself asking questions about what's "clean" and this really helped. It's not as restrictive as I thought. 

Isabelle Wettergren Thanks Erin, just what I needed! Been putting my workouts on the back burner for 10 months. Feeling heavy, I slow jogged my way to HBC, lifted for 30 min and slower jogged back. Thank you! 

Day 8: 
1. Do Workout from Tuesday, Day 6.  It is linked here.   
2. Get 8 hours sleep. If you can't be in bed by 9:30, than be in bed by 10 pm and wake up  6am earliest.  You want at least 8 hours of sleep.  Sleep is integral in weight loss and restoring energy and muscle strength!!! 
3. Eat CLEAN! Log your food on Livestrong.com.  Today I will be going over every food log, as I will be regularly. 
4. Hour of Cardio.
5. Prep for No sugar and No wheat for Five days.  Friday - Tuesday.  Day 9-13.  Prep you for feeling GREAT on July 4th. 
6. JOURNAL!!  LOOK BACK TO DAY ONE AND DAY TWO- compare how you feel. 
7. Write down 5 changes you have felt thus far, and 5 physical goals you have for yourself. 

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Remember, we are all in this together and can help support each other.  Comment on Facebook, email me questions, and make sure to have FUN! 

Off to the pool for a swim date with a friend. Hour of cardio and my strength workout after.  Rock on Power Fitness PDX'ers and Friends! 


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