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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 11: Empower YOU- Your weight is only a number

Read these words on the photo of the scale. Believe them! Print out this picture, please.

FYI- I am 5'1", 116-119 lbs. My favorite weight is between 112-119. Interestingly, this places me at a higher BMI. My bodyfat today was 20.1%. Normally is is between 17-21% and with peak training it is 15-17%. I just placed 3rd overall in Mermaid Triathlon and 2nd overall in See Jane Run 5k. But according to numbers, my "weight" is in the healthy but high range and don't get me started on the BMI.  "Healthy" Body Fat for a female is between 22-26.

5 years ago, even as a trainer, I wouldn't share my weight as I was embarrassed it wasn't less as it "should be". But guess why??? Because muscle weighs more than fat! I am happy, strong, healthy and have fun daily!!

Friends, remember, it is HOW you feel! HOW you perform! HOW active and strong you are. It is NOT the number telling you to have a great day or not. Don't let the number tell you if you should "go out with friends", or don't, because you are embarrassed you haven't lost the 10 pounds you wanted to. Life is to short to not be proud of YOU. There is only ONE YOU!!!

Men and women alike, get strong and become your healthiest yet and then you'll feel inside as incredible as you look outside!

Challenge the Power of YOU!
Xoxox Coach Erin

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