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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge- Days 12-21/21

Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge Map from Days 12-21.  You can do this Challenge. You have it in YOU to push yourself to try something new and become your best self yet. Challenge the Power of YOU!

Day 12:  Did you read the update for Days 1-11? How are you on your path? Did you push it hard in today's workout? Was your cardio hour full of HIIT intervals? Did you drink your water, eat clean, no wheat or sugar? 8 hours sleep each night? Tackling your To-Do Lists? Today was a PUSH day--- work the workouts so they don't work you wrong. Be ready, tomorrow is another workout and nutrition ideas and options.
Day 13:WOW, the 100 Club Workout is a TOUGH one. Your entire body will love you. Modifications you can make if needed: Down Dog Push Ups- do 5 right, 5 left, 5 right, 5 left for your 20. Burpees with Jacks-...if you are getting tired shift to 6 reps, or 2 reps with each burpee.
How ARE you doing? Do you feel cleaner today, day 5 of no sugar or wheat? Are you drinking all of your water? Have you noticed you overindulge in one foodgroup? Are you writing in your journal? Keep up all of your hardwork!! Only 8 days left! 100 Club Video Here

Day 14: Active Rest Day- Stick with the Challenge as best you CAN, and do something fun today. Not a specific workout, but an active day with eating clean. Ride your bike to the Farmer's Market, explore new neighborhoods by foot, do a walking adventure in the city you live, play beach volleyball, go on an adventure date, or host a dance party in your backyard.

Day 15: GET back on track today. Yesterday was a fun day of celebration, independence and enjoying family and friends. Today, log your food, drink your water, eat CLEAN, get your HIIT cardio in and strength workout from Day 13 (repeat that workout again on Saturday, Day 17), journal, limit wheat and sugar (or omit them again) and eat two veggies and fruit at lu...nch, dinner and snacks.
You have noticed how you feel now when you taking care of your body inside and out. You can feel the difference from when you were eating before. The next 4 nights, get to bed 30 minutes earlier to read a fun book. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep.

There are 6 days left of the Challenge. Remember, do what YOU can do! You have worked so very hard and know how and when you feel good now. Keep it up!
Day 16: Today, get your hour of cardio intervals in, do an additional 20 minutes of HIIT Training later in the day (yes, 1 hour 20 minutes total of cardio) and core work:
1 minute plank
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
30 seconds side plank toe touch Right
30 seconds side plank toe touch Left
30 seconds Burpees
Repeat 4 times (total time 12 minutes)

In addition, refer to the To Do list you created last week. Finish up the tasks holding you back, and be done with them. They are yours to conquer and once you do, 10 pounds lifted from your shoulders. Refer to BLOG post here.

Day 17 & day 18/21- Days to follow up to push, and step back to assess your work. How did you do? Where are you feeling stronger and weaker? Have you learned a lot along the way, or are you feeling as if you struggled through the 18 days?
The last three days of the Challenge, I want you to embrace every element.

1. Drink 85-100 oz water

2. Sleep 8 hours

3. EAT CLEAN and log food

4. No sugar or...wheat

5. Cardio with HIIT intervals 60 minutes/day

6. Strength work Day 19 & 21, with Core work focus Day 20 (videos day 19 and 20)

7. Pre plan your food

8. Focus on To-Do List and refer back to it

9. Step back for 20 minutes to have no technology, read a book or meditate

10. Refer to your goals; highlight your strengths, see how far you have come, what you would like to work on next, where you feel you'd like to grow and how your nutrition affects your daily activities

11. Add in 20 extra minutes of cardio and strength intervals- Day 4 video.

Day 19: You can do this workout and you WILL do this workout. You have worked hard for 19 days, just 3 more. Keep it up! Strength Workout Here

Day 20: Get Centered-When out doing errands and work today, spare the air and use your body to go from point A to B. Run, walk, bike, skateboard or heck, why not kayak to your destination if you can. Once there, smile and say "Hello" to as many people as you can. I promise you will feel much more centered and relaxed after.- Being centered allows you to step back, assess, and then push farther ahead.  YOU are almost at the end of 3 weeks.

Day 21: Core Workout. You had asked for one, I promised and while it is 24 hours late, it was made with love for you. Now tell me, what is one thing you learned about yourself with this Challenge? Recap tomorrow, but tonight, think about one thing you gained (in addition to strength), while you lost inches.
Core Video Here

Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge- FINAL DAY!! How are YOU feeling? What did you learn? What nuggets will you incorporate after the challenge?
I dare YOU to now push yourself and register for something athletic you have never done. A triathlon, a half marathon/10K/5K, Kayak race, soccer tournament, rock climbing trip, or an overnight running relay.
I was able to push it hard, gained strength, lost stress and 4 pounds along the way. So excited! KEEP IT UP!!
Dig deep. Play Hard!

Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey
Video Link Here
** Please share your nuggets you've learned along the way, and what you will incorporate from now on. SO proud of you!

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