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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st- Day 11/21 Days - Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge Halfway There

Wahoo!!  You have been working hard, making changes, are figuring out how to incorporate the DDPH Challenge into your daily life. We are over the half way point.  Let's recap each day thus far:

Power Fitness PDX Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge- Watch the Video to learn more.

Day 1: The Rules of the Challenge: Back to the beginning at Day 1/21. The rules and whys of the Challenge. Some questions for you to get started:
  1. What are your goals the next 21 days? Nutrition, Fitness, Energy, Balance, Life
  2. How are you feeling NOW?  Do you wake up and feel bound with energy, or are you sluggish? 
  3. How much do you exercise daily? Weekly? 
  4. How often do you see your friends, and talk to them on the phone? NOT text and email, but actual conversation hearing the octaves in their voices.
  5. How do you take time to step back and reset your inner clock?   
Contine reading Day 1: The RULES & more HERE

Day 2: Day 2/21- Mapping out your Weekend is important! How do you feel after Day One? You can do this Challenge, it is in you! Adventure, Organization, Time Management is in you and you can be successful. Day 2 Video HERE

Day 3: Day 3/21 - Eat Clean!  How do you eat clean? What do you do to manage your food intake and to make clean eating appealing to your palate? Read the specifics for Clean Eating HERE 

Day 4: Day 4/21 - Meal Planning for the week, cardio training, how are YOU doing? Plan ahead and you can make it happen. Day 4 begins going to bed at 9:30 pm (or to make it so you have 8 hours of sleep).  Workout #1 for YOU to do on Day 4. 25 minutes long. Day 4 Video HERE

Day 5: Day 5/21 - You are FEELING better by now, incorporating a few of the nuggets to your week. SO proud of you. Push through your workouts, feel depleted at the end, know your body will allow you do it!! Learn more about Day 5 and cleaning out the heaviness weighing you down.  Day 5 Video HERE

Day 6: Day 6/21 - Great workout for you to do, and following up on your To-Do list. Blast through the list, it can be done and you will feel lighter with the heavy tasks being accomplished.  Day 6 Video (You do on Day 8 too) with workout HERE

Day 7: Day 7/21- You get to enjoy your efforts and keep working hard!  Check these two food ideas for Clean Eating Options: Breakfast & Dinner 

Day 8: Day 8/21 - Updates on some Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge participants, reminders what you are doing, and refresher about your weight and self esteem. Day 8 Blog HERE

Day 9: Day 9/21 - YOU have worked hard, and now have seen some changes.  Today marks when you will have 5 days of no wheat and no sugar.  Day 9 Video HERE

Day 10: Day 10/21 - You are almost halfway to the finish line.  This workout is set for 8 exercises, 1 minutes each, repeat 3-8 rounds.  You will need medicine ball, band, weights, mat (or no mat). Do the workout Day 10 & Day 12. Day 10 Video HERE

Day 11: Day 11/21 - You get to rest today- phew! You have had a couple days of no wheat and no sugar, check in on how you feel. JOURNAL! Drink more water. Friendly reminder for you on your rest day.
Day 11 Blog HERE

How are YOU doing now?? What have you found to be your biggest strengths, weaknesses, joys and challenges?  Personally, I am feeling much better with no wheat and sugar for the past 3 days. There were triggers, let me tell you, as it isn't always easy.  The weekend was fun filled visiting but with trigger/my weak spot moments Ghiradelli with my daughter, moments of solo parenting while my husband is traveling and nobody to juggle kids with at the 5/6:00 pm nutty time, and going out with friends being offered wonderful wines.  Nope, the triggers didn't get me this weekend and it has felt great. I was able to have fun adventure days, tackle some To-Do's, have great workouts, play A LOT with my kidlet and get some work done.  That is success! What are your successes?  Keep me posted and have a great night!


Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

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