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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation Workouts - MAKE it happen!

You have packed your bag, planned out which beach reads to bring, and been dreaming of long days playing with your friends on VACATION!  But while you are vacationing, don't let all of your hard training and countless hours of burpees, sprints and push ups go to waste.  Try these workouts and you will come back from holiday even stronger than when you left!

2 Workout Outfits ... to encourage you to workout! Washing machines were created for a reason!
Resistance Band
Jump Rope
If driving, bring a Medicine Ball too

Decline Push Ups - early morning vacation training
 Circuit One: Bodyweight 
*no equipment necessary
1 Minute Running in Place
1 Minute Boulders
1 Minute Reverse Jump Lunges
1 Minute Decline Push Ups
1 Minute Dips With Leg Kicks
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Mountain Climbers With Alternate Knees Crossing Body (Right knee crossing midline towards left elbow. Left knee crossing midline towards right elbow)
1 Minute Heismans
1 Minute Step Ups - Alternating Legs
1 Minute Jumping Jacks
Repeat 2-4x, totaling 20-40 minutes


Circuit Two: Having a BALL

* Medicine Ball and Jump Rope
Set Tabata Timer App to 50 seconds on, 
10 seconds recovery, 6 cycles. Repeat 5 Tabatas.

Medicine Ball Plank

Jump Rope Single Stepping
Medicine Ball Push Ups- Rotating Sides each Push Up
Single Leg Bent Over Row with Medicine Ball - alternate 5x/ each leg until Timer dings
Jump Rope Speed Rope with incorporating High Knees
Walking Lunges with Medicine Ball Rotations
Medicine Ball Plank

Circuit Three: Band of FUN
* Exercise Band and Jump Rope
1 Minute High Knees
20 Reps Squat Bicep Overhead Press - SBO
1 Minute Speed Skaters
20 Steps Side to Side in X- Walk
1 Minute Squat Planks (Squat position, jump back to plank, immediately jump up to low squat)
20 Reps Reverse Lunge with Lat Pull Down (Attach Band to a railing/pole/stable object that is 4-6 inches taller than you)
1 Minute Boulders
20 Reps Plank Jack Push Ups
Repeat Circuit 3-5 times

Just RUN!!!
In addition to the workouts, plan runs and bike rides in the places you are visiting.  Add kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, water skiing, hiking and any other activity that you would not do at home. Make your trips the most active, fun filled and adventurous yet! 

Copyright 2012 - Erin Kreitz Shirey

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