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Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 16/21- Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge

Day 16 is here, means there are only 5 days left of the Dig Deep Play Hard Challenge! Congratulations on your hard work, your energy spent trying to take ownership of your health and fitness and goal to feel lighter inside and out, mentally and physically.

Many of you shared the hardest part has been nutrition.  You know that eating clean is best, but when going to BBQ's, eating out with family and friends, and playing there are many temptations for you to resist. It is challenging at times, but notice how you feel when you eat foods that aren't clean.  How do you sleep? Can you function as well as if you are nourished with the more nutritious food?  There is a balance to find and that is 85/90% to 10/15% rule.  Eat Clean 85-90% of the time, and you have wiggle room 10-15% of the time.  That is being realistic. Planning for parties, events out, favorite treats.  When you are all or nothing, your mind rebels and the triggers will be ten - fold compared to eating treats in moderation.  Be realistic.  Yes, you will now see food as fuel, and want to eat cleaner since you feel better after. You also need to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and family events enjoying life, not being tied to numbers.  If you have a family celebration, enjoy a healthy salad at home before, sip water between wine, and plan that week to have a few extra treats at the party equating an extra workout leading up to the event and after.  Life balances out, and that balance is what you need to feel good.

It is similar to the post holiday mindset that I posted yesterday:
Thursday, July 5th, 2012
"GET back on track today. Yesterday was a fun day of celebration, independence and enjoying family and friends. Today, log your food, drink your water, eat CLEAN, get your HIIT cardio in and strength workout from Day 13 (repeat that workout again on Saturday, Day 17), journal, limit wheat and sugar (or omit them again) and eat two veggies and fruit at lunch, dinner and snacks.

You have noticed how you feel now when you taking care of your body inside and out. You can feel the difference from when you were eating before. The next 4 nights, get to bed 30 minutes earlier to read a fun book. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep.

There are 6 days left of the Challenge. Remember, do what YOU can do! You have worked so very hard and know how and when you feel good now. Keep it up!

Coach Erin

Today, Day 16, get your hour of cardio intervals in, do an additional 20 minutes of HIIT Training later in the day (yes, 1 hour 20 minutes total of cardio) and core work:

1 minute plank
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
30 seconds side plank toe touch Right
30 seconds side plank toe touch Left
30 seconds Burpees
Repeat 4 times (total time 12 minutes)

In addition, refer to the To Do list you created last week.  Finish up the tasks holding you back, and be done with them.  They are yours to conquer and once you do, 10 pounds lifted from your shoulders.

Have a great afternoon and make time to Challenge the  Power of YOU!

Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

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