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Monday, May 9, 2011

And the Date Night's get CRAZIER!

Karen & John doing the Wheel Barrel race
You have asked, we have provided. Yep, you asked for classes to do with your better half (you decide who is the better half!) to get you both moving.  Friday night was the 3rd Power Fitness PDX Boot Camp & Pub Date Night.  And what a night it was...from push ups, to burpees, to drills, to medicine balls, to non-stop laughter amongst everyone.

Estie, Ben, Dave & Annie falling over in laughter
The class started with warm ups of caterpillars & push ups...getting higher each time.  We began with 5 push ups, to 6 push ups, to 7 push ups...to 11 push ups.  Followed by some jogging and plyometrics the couples were warmed up and ready to begin the weight challenges. Just like Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch  a pail of water, the couples had to complete 3 minutes of running back and forth between cones with a light or heavy weight and do 10 push ups at one end.   Following we did wall sits with band resistance- a favorite of many jokes to be remembered for days to come.  After Wall Sits- the group was requesting lots of stairs and sprints. Oh wait, that was me requesting they did them while cheering on their partner.  After our sprints, we had to get some fun competition going by a medicine ball pass game of men vs. women, wheelbarrel races, and circle team dips and high fives.  How can that not kick off a great Friday night?? For some they may question it, but every partner who came has already contacted me that they are ready to come back next month for more and ready to push their bodies harder. Mind you, for one husband he couldn't lift his arms to play basketball on Sunday, another had a rough go sitting and standing on Saturday, and another wanted to have the class upped to every other week instead of 1x/month!

Friday Night - May 6, 2011- Boot Camp & Pub Date Night
Many of you shared your spouses are a bit nervous to attend a Friday Night Boot Camp? They don't need to be scared.  Nervous for how their bodies may feel after, sure, but scared nope! That is why we hit the pub after, because before their bodies have a moment to realize they will be sore, you can say "Honey you did an incredible job. Enjoy your pint, helps replenish your nutrients". And, yes, a pint post workout does do a body good...in moderation that is. Ben Kus, PFPDX'er Estie's husband, shared with all on Friday night a study I had read before that was read in "perfect timing" Friday night. Take a moment to read for yourself.  Mind you, as always, moderation is key. 

Frog & Fiddle was a fun place for our post-class nosh and eats.  Next month we'll head to McGrath's- ready for the great Irish Pub and to check out the Mermaid. Mark your calendar-Friday, June 3rd, 6pm!

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