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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing Stats- Look Who ROCKED Various Ways!

Seriously, how can you have a base of everyone where the shortest plank is :54 seconds?? Often people can't hold the plank for more than 30 seconds!!  This week everyone in Power Fitness PDX did fitness testing, and will again on Friday, September 2nd. It is always good to see where your baseline is, where you want to improve, and how strong you are. People don't always give themselves the credit they deserve in regards to their hard work.  YOU are many of "those people" who don't credit yourself enough.

When looking at the stats, I can't help but have a huge grin on my face from knowing all the hard work you have done throughout Summer, and how incredible you work every morning. To have some of the top stats be from women who range in age from 32- 65 is phenomenal!!!!  Age is nothing but a number, you can stronger each hour of each day!

Mile Highlights: Dory clocked in at 7:20, Judy 7:56, Annie 8:20, Cory 8:35 and Tina 11:59 power walking! 

Push Up Highlights: Estie 42, Dory 41, Andrea 24 (used to max at 8!), Jeanne & Jen K. both 15, Donna McR did 14, and even those who were nervous about doing 1 perfect push up did 5! 

Wall Sit Highlights: Annie & Tina will be the Wall Sit Queens! Both could keep going at 5:00+ minutes, while Leslie wasn't far behind with 4:43!  Again, the first off the wall was at :54 which is impressive; almost one minute on the wall!

Plank Highlights: Wowie- 5 people did 2:30-3:09! Julie Ann, Estie, Dory, Annie and Andrea!!  Three got past two minutes- Cat, Jen K., Sylvia! 

Everyone tested fiercely and proved that TEAMwork, focus and determination can push anyone to the next level.  I look forward to seeing how all will test in 6 weeks.

Congrats and make time to Challenge the Power of YOU!! 

Coach Erin

Those who tested from MWF & TuTh classes:
Andrea, Annie, Cat, Donna, Dory, Estie, Jeanne, Jen D.C, Jen K.,  Judy, Julie Ann, Cory, Leslie, Tina, Sissy, Donna
Those we missed and can pre-test by Friday at home: Caprice, Danielle, Jolynn, Mary Ann, Rebecca, Sue, Veronica, Nikki 

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