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Sunday, July 3, 2011

core crazy workout

I decided after an intense swim workout yesterday that I wanted to continue and push myself to my max. After swimming 2500 meters, with four push sets, I pounded out 35 minutes on the Precor working levels. While pounding I created and then implemented the following core conditioning workout. it kicked my fanny and I had two 20-something guys watching and attempting to replicate. They had to stop part way through!

Need: Bosu, 8/10 pound medicine ball, 6-8 pound weight, mat, squat rack (or incline pull up bar)

4 circuits of:
35 reps Medicine Ball Burpees
15 Incline Pull-Ups
25 Mountain Climbers
25 Bosu Plank with Midline Cross Kicks-each leg
35 Side Planks/Elbows Kiss planks- each side
3x15 reps each side of Plank Weight Holds- Elbow plank with left arm at plank 90 degree angle and right arm holding weight underhand grip. Push weight away and squeeze back, similar to a Bicep curl. Keep hips facing mat the entire time.
3x15 reps each side of Plank Up Downs- begin in upright push up position. Bring right arm down to plank position, follow with left arm coming down. Bring right arm up to push up position and repeat with left arm. that equals one rep on the right side. Repeat 15 reps with right arm leading, followed by 15 reps left arm leading. 3 sets.

Bring an extra sweat towel, drink plenty of H2O, and have FUN!

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