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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Power Fitness PDX Holiday Party: Special Night- Incredible TEAM- Dynamic Goals Met

Friday, December 2nd, 2011, was Power Fitness PDX's Holiday Hoopla Party!! 
Ali, Kate, David, Annie & Dave

Estie starting some toasts
 Fantastic Host & Hostess Estie & Ben,
Wine, Tucker's Ice Cream Cakes,  Wii- Just Dance 3, laughter heard throughout the neighborhood, competitive Corn Hole and an entrance by Mrs. Clause!! 
Joe found Mrs. Clause- aka Tina
Estie & Sonia
Your celebration drink of choice: Baileys, Absinthe, Merlot
Annie, Coach Erin, Jeanne- together Annie & Jeanne have passed NUMEROUS goals! SO proud to be the short Coach between these two tall dynamos!!! Hey sweet Veronica- what are you thinking back there?
Someone said LINE UP!! 

Not quite sure even how to put words to this photo- Proud, Hmmm, What the Heck?
For some reason- our photo of the incredible Tucker's cakes won't rotate -A sign that in order to Eat Cake, you must Move It too!

It was a special night by many and fun for everyone.  For some PFPDX'ers, it was the first time they got to introduce their partners to the team they have been waking up early to train with. For others, it was an opportunity to get dressed up and show their strong bodies and all the hard work they have accomplished.  For everyone; it was a night full of laughter, support, good cheer, and much love.  While we didn't drop and do 20 push ups,
we did celebrate all the push ups completed throughout the past year.
Cheers to YOU and your hard work.
Cheers to YOU for pushing yourselves and allowing me to push you.
Cheers to YOU for reaching outside your comfort zone and physical limits.
Cheers to YOU for believing in yourselves and
when you didn't allowing me to believe in you and tell you daily to:
Dig Deep. Play Hard.
while you
Challenge the Power of YOU!!
Ali, Estie, Dave...Just Dance 3...fierce fun!!

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