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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas- Workouts #1-#4 - 15 minute blast workouts each day

Twelve Days of Christmas- it is a busy time of year. Try to fit in these workouts- you can do them in your home with minimal equipment and minimal time. Have fun and with any questions please contact Coach Erin

Day #1-Begin and Be STRONG
Grab your timer and set for 1 minute increments
Grab one set of light weights- 5 lbs preferred
Do 3 rounds of:
1. Jumping Jacks with weights- Arms go to the side with hands parallel to shoulders, not above
2. Walking Push Ups - Push Up position, push up, walk hand over hand to the right side. Push Up, walk hand over hand to the left side. Repeat for one minute.
3. Reverse Jump Lunges holding weights by your sides
4. Speed Skaters
5. V-Sit position Figure 8's- Sit on the floor, tuck bum and bring belly button in towards spine, hold both weights or one weight in hand and make a figure 8.
Day #2-Tabata 2
Grab your timer and set for Tabata intervals of 20 seconds on: 10 seconds rest. Complete:
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1. Burpees - 8 Tabata Rounds = 20:10
2. Mountain Climbers with knees tucked under and rotating to cross your midline - 8 Tabata Rounds = 20:10
3. Squat Jumps - remember tangible touch of fingers to the ground when in squat position to have each rep count- 8 Tabata Rounts = 20:10
4. 1 minute plank
5. 1 minute bicycle

Day #3- 
Grab your jump rope & Heavy Weights (8/10/12/15 lb)
count = "1 Alligator, 2 Alligator, etc. "
30 count High Knees
30 count Speed Skaters
20 reps of each exercise with Heavy Weights:
1. SBO-Squat-Bicep-Overhead Press
2. Heavy Weight Pull Through
3. Single Arm Row on each side
4. Heismans Jumping over Weights 
5. 10 Push Ups- 10 count Reverse Plank - repeat 3x
Repeat whole workout 3x

Day #4- Cardio Craze Day
Grab Timer, set for 1 Minute. 
Wide Jumping Jacks
Burpees with Push Ups and Wide Feet
Reverse Knee Jump-Pull Through (rotate legs each rep)
Repeat 5x

Videos for above workouts coming soon.
* When not teaching, training, or writing fitness columns, Coach Erin can be found running with her kids around the East Bay and motivating others to do the same. Erin Kreitz Shirey was voted 2011 Alameda Magazine Most Motivational Personal Trainer. Come train with her in Power Fitness PDX mornings at the beach! www.powerfitnesspdx.com

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