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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Q& A with Coach Erin- Running- where should I go?

Q&A with Trainer Erin:
Your Health and Fitness Question & Answer Spot

Q: I have started running, but am confused how long I should go.  Is it good to run far if I am not training for anything, or bad for my knees? What are some good routes in Alameda?  - Judy G.    

A: Congrats on running more and having the desire to run more.  You asked quite a few different questions within your question. To ensure I answer them all, they are broken down. And as always, listen to your body at all times.  

1. Distance and knees: It is easy to get excited when running and push to run farther to fast.  Your body needs time to adjust to mileage increases.  Try to increase by only 10% each week. It is the tried and true amount to help evolve with training and miles, but allow for growth and distance. 10% rule 

2. Alameda is FULL of fun, fast, flat routes. Heck, the "hills" in Alameda are the Bay Farm Island Bike Bridge and the "uphill" by the windsurf shack at Crown Beach.  ThPFPDX e easiest way to look at maps of runs is to use MapMyRun.com  You will be pleasantly surprised at how far you can go.   Some fun easy routes in Alameda are

6 Mile Bay Farm Island loop- start at the bike bridge, run the path around the perimeter trail along the Bay, continue past the Ferry Building running along Harbor Bay Parkway. Continue on Harbor Bay Parkway, cross Doolittle Drive staying on the path to continue running along the Estuary back to the Bike Bridge.   

3(4) Mile Beach Run- begin at the Windsurf Shack where Shoreline and Westline meet. Head East towards Broadway. Turn around at Broadway and run back to the Windsurf Shack. To make the run 4 miles, stay on the bay trail from Broadway to the Bay Farm Bridge and turn around to run back to Broadway.    

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