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Monday, June 13, 2011

Couples who TRAIN together...

You hear me say it all the time... Couples who train together stay together! How can you not be inspired when working out with your better half?  You are both trying to do something great for your body, challenging yourself physically and mentally, get the endorphin rush going, and that endorphin rush equates with the pumpin' through your hormones too!  When you feel better about yourself physically, and add into that some loving competition ...you are on fire together.

Thus Couples/Daters/Spouses, come join for the next Date Night:

Power Fitness PDX's next Couple's Date Night Boot Camp n Pub Class is:
Friday, June 17th, 6 pm
Washington Park followed with drinks (and a potluck) at McGrath's Irish Pub
$20/couple -  RSVP here.

Take a peek at a previous piece with couple's workout ideas. After reading, take a moment to read the piece ACE Fitness wrote about why it is good to train together.  Now, you must be inspired to grab your Turtle Dove and join in some boot camp fun! 

See you Friday night- be ready to sweat, laugh, and have a great date night! -- Coach Erin

Courtesy of ACE Fitness Fit Facts Newsletter- June 2011 

Couple’s Personal Training—Fitter Bodies, Stronger Relationship

Do you and your loved one regularly carve out quality time for each other? Are you both getting enough exercise to feel healthy, fit and energized? If the answers are not a resounding yes, couple’s personal training could bring you closer. Sharing a workout is a great way to enjoy some together-time and paves the way to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Accountability and Focus

Your odds of sticking with an exercise program go way up, if your significant other is on board. Whether it’s getting up early for a run or lifting weights after work, following through is much easier when your partner is with you. Committing to a couple’s personal training program helps establish fitness as a shared priority and gets you working toward a common goal. You’ll merge your schedules to meet with a personal trainer, and in between sessions, you’ll help each other stay on track.

Dual Purpose

Whether you’re both already active or new to exercise, your trainer will develop custom exercise plans tailored to your needs as individuals and as a couple. Planning a vacation that involves a lot of walking or hiking? Expecting a baby? Training for a fun run? Remodeling your home? Your trainer will take into account whatever is going on in your lives to create a realistic and sustainable plan to help you reach your goals.

Social Support Matters

The value of social support can’t be overstated. Numerous studies show it’s a big factor in successful behavior change. It stands to reason that the person you share your life with has a huge influence on your lifestyle, for better or for worse, and research supports this. Weight loss studies show that when subjects participate in lifestyle interventions, their spouses also lose significant amounts of weight.
Couple’s personal training taps into the power of social support by enabling you to support each other’s fitness efforts in a very focused way. Because you’re in the gym sweating it out together, you’ll gain new insight into each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to offer support.

Enrich Your Relationship

Couple’s personal training will boost more than your fitness level. You’ll have something new to talk about, laugh about and be proud of—together. Research shows that devoted couples who share new and interesting experiences report higher levels of relationship satisfaction than those who don’t. And here’s the bonus: As you become more fit, you’ll be able to enjoy adventures that you wouldn’t dream off participating in when you were sedentary.

Romance + Fitness

Over the long haul, combining romance and fitness can really lift your relationships to new healthy heights. Share an activity and strengthen your bodies while boosting your love life. Couple’s personal training really connects you with your loved one, improves your body image, your mood and your love life.

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