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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running Magazine Question- Moms and Dads: What Helps You Run?

Runners World Magazine asked the question: What helps you run?  
As a Mom and runner who has gotten faster post birth of my 2 girls, I thought I would share the advice.  I hope it helps some of you and have fun running with your little ones. 
My response:
RunningMamaErin says:
Being a runner who got faster post baby girls and working with pre and postnatal Moms as a personal trainer, there are many ways to make it all work.

Make your jogger your car for certain errands so you can get miles in on days when you are swamped with fitting everything in.This is key and a way to make no excuses but get miles in.

Make your runs adventures- point out signs, animals, trees, landmarks to your little ones… plan to see More and sing songs to them. Work sprints into your runs working with the stop signs and between busy blocks. When out running, add in strength work with your park benches by doing push ups, squats, planks, burpees, lunges, high knees, etc. all while incorporating and talking to your little ones.
Run on Trails! So entertaining and full of animals!! Hubby is a runner too and we have done trail runs with the girls for longer runs, finishing with a picnic by a park or at the end of the trail so they can run "to the end" too. An event out of a trail run. And the trails provide a more challenging element than flat surfaces.

When not running, encourage your kids to walk and run when out and about and not use the stroller. Than they look forward to a "ride" and can manage the time better.

Be specific about your running in your logs- don't just run but have a goal and write down to run 3, 5, 10 miles with your little one(s) and map the longer runs around their nap time so they sleep in the jogger.

Best gear- BOB strollers (love both my single and double), Etch A Scetch Boards, kid bag with note pads-stickers-crayons, snacks that you've prepped and can pass easily, Moving Comfort Sports Bras, Title Nine and See Jane Run for finding the perfect Sports Bras, perfect running shoes fitted post baby, Running buddies who get "it" and nice wine at the end of the day.

My own running has gotten much faster the past 6 years since my first kiddo and I just placed 1st in the See Jane Run 5K pushing my 2 year old in the jogger. You are more focused and determined and honestly, the best speed work is rushing to appointments or to get your kid to preschool on time when pushing kids in a jogging stroller!

Congrats to all the new Mom and Dad Runners out there! Nothing like making running a family affair from the get-go.

Erin, 34, Alameda CA
Mom to 2 girls- ages 6 & 2

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