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Friday, October 30, 2009


You made it through another week! Many of you were determined to just exercise each day, and others were determined to make the Tuesday Fun class and spend the rest of the week recovering. Regardless of where you are, today is Friday and we finished up one more session. I am listening the Black Eyed Peas singing "Let's Get It Started" and I feel you have! You haven't just gotten it started, you are upping the ante for each session.

Today we tested and it was a session full of sickness by many but - Colleen did a wall sit for 6:08 minutes, with Nell and Jennie right behind with 5:32 and 5:25 respectfully. Nell busted out 40 push ups, Susan 27 and Sheri 25. Right after push ups we did the plank- sort of unfair on the upper body but it was a challenge and Haley blasted 2:03. And Denise, who started just 3 weeks ago and is now embarking on exercise after having been out of any routine for 6 years, did the plank for :47! Can I just say BREAK IT! Everyone improved and saw growth and change in their timing. Body fat was lost, inches were lost, but teamwork was gained!

Monday marks Session 7- Dedication. Why Dedication? Because the Holiday Season starts this weekend and now is the time to be dedicated to yourself, your health and your fitness. During the holidays many people take care of everyone else but themselves, "celebrate" to much without exercising, and gain an average of 10 pounds. YOU ARE DEDICATED! That will not be you, but you will be stronger and with more energy this holiday season. There is only space for 3 more people for this session on M/W/F and a few more for Tuesdays. If you haven't registered or were thinking about it do so ASAP. Don't be average, be DEDICATED!

Monday morning is measurements and fitness testing. I will do groups of 3/time. Remember for the most accurate measurements, do not eat, drink, exercise the morning of and drink alcohol the night before. Time slots are below:


Due to requests, I am looking at starting an additional class on M/W from 9:30-10:30 am. One 5 week Session during the Holidays. Please let me know if you are interested, and/or your friends are. I need at least 8 people to have the class "go".

Enjoy this weekend and try to be as active as possible. Think of 2 goals you want to work on this month. Email them to me, and you will share them with the team on Monday.

Cheers to you and have a Happy Halloween!

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