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YOU have the power, strength and courage to make your life the best yet. Without even realizing it, you possess incredible determination and dedication to be your most active self possible...you just need a little nudge, education, and support. Through working with Power Fitness PDX your goals will not only be reached, but surpassed. What you thought was physically impossible for you to achieve will seem like a walk in the park when done training with Power Fitness PDX. You will not only feel and look better externally, but internally too. To improve one's strength on the outside has to come from improving their strength on the inside. It is time to Challenge the POWER of YOU! TM

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goals? Yours? Meeting them?

The middle of the month is already here, can you believe it? Are you
feeling as if the month is flying by and taking you for a wild ride, or
are you feeling you've grasped it and are reaching your goals each
day; I have been in the midst of feeling both, but am excited for what
the last half of the month will bring.  

I just returned from presenting at the national Baby Boot Camp
Corporate Conference.  It was 4 days of non-stop classes, workshops,
team building, support and guidance.  While there I was listening and
working with the current Franchise Owners on how to improve their
exercise businesses.  It was my goal to help them leave with 5 tasks
they have to conquer by months' end.  It was also my goal to help each
person feel inspired that they could go further with their business-
both physically through classes, and mentally through business
development goals.  Something that was a common thread for those who
were frustrated was a sense of "help me please, owning a business is
hard and I don't know how to manage it all".  Ironically, on the
airplane home I read an article in Women's Running magazine about
Olympic cross country star Kara Goucher.  She shared her story of
overcoming her own self doubt, and the acceptance that she has to fight
through it in order to win a race.  I can't tell you enough how true
that is with each of us. 

When you come to class in the morning, there is no room for self
doubt.  Heck, you are barely awake when you arrive and you made it to
class despite the darkness outside and potentially mismatched socks. 
But, you made it.  That is the hardest part of Power Fitness PDX
- making the decision to come every day.  It is when you could roll
over, hit the snooze, and then feel guilty later in the day that you
didn't reach your exercise goal.  But is more than that. When you enter
class, you are saying, "I know my life is uber busy, but I am a
priority and need this time to just have someone push me. I am a
priority to get the support I need to get to those goals I have written
down for the past 5 years. My last 10 pounds, so it doesn't turn back
into the extra 20 pounds post college.  I will make my self the athlete
I know I AM."  You are putting your morning in my hands, and I
guarantee I will give 110% to make your goals a reality.  I will give
you the energy and focus you need to get there, the follow up and the
guidance to know now is YOUR time. 

Thus we embark on a new Fitness Challenge.  This challenge will
roll from one session to another and have you accountable for cardio in
addition to Power Fitness PDX classes.  The person who gets the most
cardio points after 6 weeks gets an uber sweet goodie basket!  Foot Bar
Body Bar, Massage, 3 Pack Class to Barre3, and Gift Certificate to Fit
Right Northwest.  Are you IN?  Do you dig it?  I know I do, and I will
challenge you to beat me too!  The Holiday HIP (HIP- hottie in progress) Challenge
starts Sunday, November 1st- Saturday, December 12th. Yes, I know the
name is silly, but it makes you smile and know a challenge is FUN and
what you need at this time of year.  Nothing like challenging yourself
to stay healthy and active during Thanksgiving... but exercise keeps
the stress down and the endorphins flowing.  Cost is $15 with all money
going into the gift basket of goodies.  Reporting is done weekly via
Excel spread sheets.  More info to come next week, but get ready for
some fun!  RSVP to me if you are interested.  powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com 
It is all for FUN, and the fun of getting you stronger and more active
during a time when the average American adds 10 pounds to their frame. 
YOU are not average. ;-)

And a HUGE congrats to Jennie Gardner last month. She won the
pamper session with Foot Bar Body Bar for losing the most inches and
body fat.  Way to go Jennie! 

Email me 2 goals you will be
working on next week.  I look forward to the second half of October and
to seeing your incredible self in the morning. 

In good health-

Erin Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269 : f- 503.222.7399
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com

b- www.powerfitnesspdx.blogspot.com
t- http://twitter.com/powerfitness  

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