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Friday, October 2, 2009

Believe IT- Know IT- Do IT

What is "IT"? What is the force in your life that makes you leap for joy? What gives you the energy to get up each day and create something new while enjoying the current "old"? Do you believe what you are doing 24x7 is what you were meant to do and if so, how do you feel at day's end? Do you know who you truly ARE and what IT is you want to go?

Now ask these questions about your health and fitness. Where are you AT? How do you feel every day? Do you have the energy to get up each day and partake in a fantastic workout, and if not what is holding you back? How do you feel before and after you workout- are you doing what you truly WANT to do and getting the GOALS you strive to achieve?

A group of 6 women asked themselves those same questions and decided to participate in the Power Fitness PDX BLAST CAMP. They had to commit to 5 mornings, 5:30-6:30 am, September 28th - October 2nd. They rocked it in a way I haven't seen them perform before. Many I have trained at one point, but never 5 days in a row to this intensity. And with truly making the commitment to themselves to FOCUS on their workout for 60 minutes. They were not allowed to give up when wishing I would say "break", or when trying to quickly drop the heavy weights and reach for the lighter ones. They went beyond their physical levels of comfort and DID IT.

The group all saw incredible improvements from testing on Monday, September 28th, through testing Friday, October 2nd. Their testing increased after one week of intense workouts- which states they were able to get into their mental strengths. Each one knew her body was capable of going for 10 more seconds, 5 more reps, or past the shaking point that would normally mean they were done.
Some of the huge increases were Amy did 15 push ups on Monday and 20 push ups Friday and a wall sit of 1:11 Monday and 2:18 Friday. Nell's wall sit time was 3:08 on Monday and 3:30 Friday. Susan's plank was 1:00 minute Monday and 1:27 Friday and Jennie's wall sit was 1:57 Monday and 2:37 Friday. That was what inspired me- they really got "IT" this week.

In one week, I was given the gift to train 6 women and they gave me 60 minutes of their time for 5 days. They were open to learning how to reach to the next level. They also gave one another the gift of support and appreciation. They were not only dedicated to themselves, but to their team and didn't want to let them down. They strived to sprint after doing 100 squat jumps, complete 20 burpees after doing 20 overhead presses and to stay in a plank to help their teammate reach their next level of fitness. They worked together to make this week one that not only inspired one another, but inspired me.

When you are a personal trainer for a long time, you find inspiration in various formats and clients. This week inspired me to go beyond measure, push them further and dig in hard to provide my best self and never give up on them. Meaning, make sure an email was sent daily to inspire them and encourage them. Make sure to ask each person not once, but quite a few times throughout and after class where they were feeling and what was exciting them with their own improvements. The bar has been set high, and I am excited to keep raising it with each session.

Now I ask you, if they can do IT, why can't you? Go for it and make IT happen now.

---Erin Shirey, Owner & Lead Trainer of Power Fitness PDX

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