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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speedy Wednesday Warrior Workout

You have just a bit of time and need an overall workout. What do you do? Hopefully not just waste away the time eating bon bons and having port, but you put on your kicks and you kick it up a notch! 

5  Pound Weights for the WARRIOR
**4-8 pounds ok too, dependent on strength**
Reverse Lunge with Rotation Kick to Hand -  Arms holding 5 pound weights and keeping core engaged, rotate arms each rep, with the goal of the back foot to reach the opposite weighted hand. Repeat 15x on each leg.

Squat-Bicep-Overhead- “SBO” - Hands holding weights drop to a low wide squat, stand to bicep curl, rotate hands to overhead press, return to squat and jump. Repeat 20x

Push Ups with Single Arm Row- Holding weights in each hand start in upright push up position.  Go to a low push up, when returning to starting position raise right arm along side you in a row. Keep hips facing the ground and attempt to not rotate your body. Repeat other side. Repeat total 30x

Speed Skaters Holding weights- Do speed skaters with the goal is to get low, bringing opposite arm to toe, and repeating on the other side.  Do for 2 minutes.  BUT if back gets tight drop weights and do Jazz Hands. Repeat for 2 minutes.

Michael Jordans- Holding weights in both hands, jump with arms above your head as if you are holding a basketball. Palms are facing towards each other while holding weights. Upon landing extend arms in front of you as if you are doing a chest pass to a teammate. Repeat for 2 minutes.

Plank with Front Raise & Extension- Starting in plank position, hold weight in one hand.  Arm is in 90 degree angle, palm facing up. Extend weight in front of you and return to starting position.  Repeat 15x on each side.

Repeat the entire workout 2-4x, however much you have time for and however much you can handle.

Challenge the Power of YOU! TM

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