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Friday, March 11, 2011

Class for YOU to DO!

Class for YOU
Light and heavy weights, use at a park/field setting with picnic table and bench
Do the same amount on each leg

Run 3 laps around field
At picnic Table, Drop Legs-
Drop Legs on Bench 20x-Step Up 20x-Heel Drops 20x -repeat both legs
Jump Squats 20x
Push Ups 20x
Jumping Jacks with light weights 20x

Jog 2 laps around the field
Crab Walk forward and back-20 counts each way
Grass Dip and 5 count holds-20x
(roll over) Plank Hold - 20 Count
Side Planks - 20 Count

Jog 2 laps around the field
Walking Lunge with Military Press- Heavy Weight-20x
Crossover lunge with Hammer Curl - Heavy Weights- 20x
Speed Skaters- 20 counts each leg
Burpees - 20x
Sumo Squat with Tricep Press- Light Weights- 20x

Jog 3 laps around field
Plank- 20 count
Side Plank Both Sides- 20 counts
Repeat 3x

Repeat whole workout 2 or 3x, time permitting
- 2011 Copyright Erin Kreitz Shirey

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