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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa's Stairs Workout....And JOIN PFPDX at the Lyon Street Stairs 12/11/10

Jn E Lyon Street Stairs Thanksgiving 10

SAT. DEC. 11th 9:00 AM- Power Fitness PDX Lyon Street Stairs Class!  
You asked, the date is here! Grab your partner or best friend and bring them for a special morning workout in San Francisco. Bring 5 pound weights and email ERIN by 12/7 to RSVP. Carpooling highly recommended. $15/person, $25 couple.

SANTA'S 60-Minute STAIRS Workout - Go HARD
Bring light weights

Run single step up and down stairwell for 5 minutes
Push Ups 1 Minute
Run double step up and down stairs for 4 minutes
Reverse Lunges 2 Minutes
Run FAST single steps for 3 minutes
Jumping Jacks holding light weights for 3 minutes
Run Double Step FAST and LOW for 2 minutes
5 Pt Lunge Holding Weights with arms raised, elbows out, forming a circle with weights together in front of you 4 Minutes
Single Leg Jump Squats up the stairs for 1 Minute
Speed Skate Holding Weights- 2 Minute/2 Minute Jump Squat/1 Minute Dips - 5 minutes total

30 Squats with Overhead Press- Holding Weights with hands above head, two 90 degree Angles
30 False Starts Holding Weights
30 Tricep Kick Backs

2 Minutes Jump Squat to Top of Stairs
3 Minutes Running up single legs, holding weights at 90 degree angle
4 Minutes Lunging to Top while doing bicep curls - at top 20 jumping jacks with weights

1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Plank with feet alternating toe touches to hands
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Bicycle
1 Minute 3 count crunches
1 Minute Single Leg Raises (remember to watch back and practice belly breathing)
Stretch and ride your sleigh home!

** For all exercises keep knees relaxed, shoulders rolled back, belly button pulled in and bum tucked under.

© 2010 Erin Kreitz Shirey

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