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Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Life, LIVE it, LOVE it!


My daughter, Makenzie, came home Thanksgiving night from UCSF Medical Center. She came home after over 2 months in medical care, 9 days in ICU, 2 blood transfusions, unknown reasons why she got sick and one major stomach surgery to drain a pseudocyst from her Pancreas that weighed almost 5 pounds... in her original 50 pound 6 year old body. She now weighs barely 40 pounds, has lost a lot of her muscle tone, and has a slight protective hunch over her stomach. But she is ALIVE and came home with a spirit that was stronger than before, gumption to challenge herself to have FUN when her body was taken over with pic lines, iv's, blood cultures, NJ tubes, and lack of control of any movement that happened. She overcame more in 10 weeks than most of us overcome in a lifetime...and did so with a determination to face challenges head on and not take "no" for an answer. For that I am forever thankful, blessed, grateful and determined to NEVER take my life for granted or take each day without acknowledging the gift that it is.

We have ONE life, have FUN and LIVE IT fully! Often when life gets too busy, our health gets put to the side. Why? Of all things, our health should be put to the forefront and not taken for granted. Our health is what gives us strength to move forward, the courage to challenge ourselves, the desire to open our hearts and love fully, and the devotion to get outside our comfort zones to embark on new journeys. Without our health, we wouldn't have the strength to take on any of the above. I ask you, what are YOU doing to strengthen your health? What are YOU doing to overcome your fears and overcome physical goals? What are YOU doing to push your body's limits each day and each week?

I know for me, being a trainer and lifelong athlete, I have pushed myself but needed a new goal to push me harder. Thus, while Makenzie was at the hospital, I decided to do Wildflower Triathlon again in Spring of 2011. When I registered I realized that doing the Olympic Distance was going to be tough BUT not a new Challenge. How could I help my daughter overcome her challenges with her body if I was being complacent with my own personal fitness goals? So...as much as I knew my future would be challenged with long rides and longer runs, I registered for the Long Course (Half Ironman) Triathlon Distance for Wildflower. I have never competed in that distance at this course; a very hilly and challenging course. But if Makenzie could fight through her health challenges and come out on top with a smile, I can challenge my body to push through a cold 1.2 mile swim, 55 mile HILLY bike, and 13.1 mile hilly and HOT run. She'll be cheering me on, as I have cheered her on the past 10 weeks. She is my constant cheerleader in my mind, whenever I think I am tired or weak. I envision my little girl, scared of the unknowns and the pain they bring, but facing them all head on with fierce determination. If she can fight for her life, I can take my one life and fight to climb a hilly ride on a bike or run when my body feels beyond depleted.

What can YOU do? You have ONE life. Live it. Enjoy each day and live, love, laugh to the deepest depths your body knows possible.

I look forward to sharing the holiday season with you, as we cherish all that we CAN do and all that our bodies are ABLE to overcome!

Cheers to you this wonderful and blessed holiday season.

Challenge the Power of YOU!

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---Erin Kreitz Shirey,
Owner & Lead Trainer of

Power Fitness PDX LLC

Link to info about Makenzie's journey and all she overcame
. Photo above taken in the kids playroom at UCSF1 day before surgery.11.21.10

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