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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joy and Merriment

 * This is a letter I wrote to the Power Fitness PDX Portland Team.  They are incredible and their hard work can motivate anyone to work out and reach their goals.  So proud and grateful am I to have trained such a wonderful group. * 

Merry Christmas Eve! 

I was up at 5:10 am and felt I was sleeping in, I assume you might have done the same. ;-) I can't thank you enough for giving me your mornings the past 3 1/2 months (and some a lot longer).  You are the most wonderful group to train and I thank you for that gift.  It has hit me that I am moving, and I am getting sad about the real concept. But I am also beyond happy and grateful to have been given the gift to train YOU.

YOU allowed me to help you reach new levels. YOU opened yourself to me telling you not only what to do but how to get there, and did so with a smile.  YOU challenged me to create better workouts each day and not sit back. YOU tried new skills that at once may have not seemed possible and did so asking for more too! I am blown away and so in joy and love with all of you and how wonderful you are. YOU are athletes and there is no stopping you.  YOU became a TEAM and truly are encompassing the phrase I use "TEAM- Together. Empower. Achieve. Motivate TM".  YOU have learned that any bar set will be passed...again and again and while whining (or swearing!) it was fun getting there.  YOU are the reason I LOVE what I do and didn't want to give up staying in Portland.  I thank you beyond measure for the time we did have in Power Fitness PDX.

Please keep up your goals and keep in touch with me.  I will set up the calendar once we move and would love to train you from afar for a half marathon.  I am also looking into the excursion boot camp trips, what fun that would be! So at this time of joy and merriment, I am not letting myself be sad for the changes that lie ahead but am grateful for the time we had training and the changes YOU made in our past.  The future is an adventure for all of us, and I know YOU will rock it like no other.  I toast YOU this holiday and look forward to the new goals and adventures in 2010.  Maybe a Power Fitness PDX weekend away in Sunriver can even begin it all, or the Oregon Coast.  Regardless, we enjoyed a fantastic ride and it helped launch you for your next road ahead.

Much love, joy, happiness, health and cheer to you!

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