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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colleen is the WINNER

Colleen was the Winner of the Uber Hottie Holiday Challenge and rocked it!

She got 260 points, 76 points more than the next participant.  Colleen made every day count. She worked out with Power, ran longer than normal, did strength work at home and made each day count.  She found out she was stronger than she thought and come testing day busted out 40 push ups!  All the training and UHC Challenge work made her the winner and recipient of a Foot Bar Body Bar Foot Treatment, Craniosacral Massage by Tracy Brisbois, and goodies from Fit Right Northwest

Other peeps mentions: Denise exercised almost daily and added in more walking to her days.  Jennie played with her kids intensely and did pilates on Saturdays, riding her bike to the studio.  Shellee did Power Fitness PDX workouts at home and incorporated more exercise in her workdays with her students. 

Way to rock it Colleen!!!

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