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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Funnies

This morning in Power Fitness PDX it was full of Friday Funnies. Everyone was "on" and throwing out one-liners making it hard to teach with a straight face. Then again, it is often hard to teach with a straight face all of the time!  Regardless, class today led me to say again "Thank you!" for letting me do what I do.  I am overjoyed teaching and helping everyone reach their health and fitness goals, especially during the holidays.  Be realistic with yourself during this time of year- work hard daily and enjoy LIFE daily.  Take in this time for all that it offers and do some wonderful holiday activities with your friends and family:
  • Add an additional 30 minutes of cardio exercise and RUN through your neighborhood at nighttime checking out holiday lights.
  • Do a walking tour of downtown Portland's highlights with visiting family.  Head from shopping on NW 23rd, to wine tasting at Cork in the Pearl, to yonder over to the Benson for delightful decorations, visit Santa at Macy's Pioneer Place and end enjoying the view and a nice meal at Departures.  The walk will add in 4 miles of distance, and 7 miles if you include the downtown waterfront loop too. 
  • Bring your family and friends to the drop in classes for Power Fitness PDX on December 21st and 22nd.  Share with them the way you kick off your morning and enjoy hot coffee after! 
Have fun this holiday season and make sure to remember the memories you are making verses rushing through them.  This time happens once each year, cherish it!!

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