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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Workout

Spring Workout
Busy Persons Limited Time BLAST Workout

30-Minute Workout - Go HARD
Do the following exercises in order. Repeat if you have more time, split into two workouts if you only have 15 minutes.

1 Minute Jumping Rope
1 Minute Speed Skating
1 Minute High Knee Jogging in Place
1-Minute Squat Jumps
1-Minute Boulder Jumps

15 Push Ups on Knees or Toes
15 Half Way Push Ups on knees
15 Burpees

1 Minute Single Leg Squat Jumps
1-Minute False Starts
1-Minute Burpees
1-Minute Jacks - Push Ups

30 Plie Squats - last rep pulse in lower plie squat position for 30 counts
15 Plank Rotations - hold each position for 10 seconds
30 Reverse Jump Lunges
15 Narrow Grip Push Ups
30 Caterpillars

2 Minutes Speed Skating
1-Minute Boulder Jumps
1-Minute Tall Squats to Toes
1-Minute Stairs

Repeat 2 Times

** For all exercises keep knees relaxed, shoulders rolled back, belly button pulled in and bum tucked under.

For the Exercise Break Down & accompanying article visit The Power MOB. Erin is doing a monthly series on The Power MOB relating health, fitness, and working Moms with topics ranging from 40+ hormones and weight gain to
creating balance with your self image and exercise.

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