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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goals- how are they coming?

Today is January 12th, 12 days into the year 2011. How are your GOALS coming along? What have you been doing well with and what have been a struggle for you? How are you doing with organizing your workouts and knowing what you are going to do before going to the gym?  Have you noticed your time is more effectively used, and muscles more fatigued? It is because you are making your time COUNT. As I always say, the one thing you don't get back in life is time so MAKE IT COUNT!

In our morning check-in's, we updated each other on how our goals are doing.  We have shared fitness, health, business, life, and family goals.  Some incredible accomplishments so far are:
  • Annie has gone running in addition to class, and is really focusing on her health goal.  She started taking calcium daily, in addition to now doing Power Fitness PDX MWF.  12 days of GREAT success.
  • Dory went running on Sunday late in the day, when she was ready to chill with her family.  She felt incredible after and liked the added boost to her weekend.
  • Estie started organizing her files and actually sorted out paper from one big box!  Huge sense of accomplishment and she is set to tackle the state paperwork for having her married name be consistent on every form.
  • Hannah set times aside to study for her LSAT test, and is stepping back at some of her hours at work.
  • Erin re-did all the basement tubs sorting through and putting them up higher in case of another basement flood.  Timely project and now complete, and now started organizing business paperwork recycling 2 bags of unnecessary papers, and 3 boxes for Goodwill.
  • Veronica is looking at her schedule to find 15 minute windows where she can add in projects to help her leave time at the end of the day for getting home from work earlier. 
Time is crucial and when we don't work with it wisely, we get frustrated with ourselves. That is not how we can become successful in all facets of our lives, including fitness.

Now, it is often asked what are the best exercises when limited on time.  One of them is Triangle Push Ups, but what are the others?  Read here to find out! 

Follow up on your goals and report back to me. 2011 is YOUR YEAR!! Let's make all of your health and fitness goals a success, and rock this year like no other!


Erin Kreitz Shirey, Power Fitness PDX Master Trainer and Coach

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