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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011- Your YEAR to make GOALS Happen!

2011 is here!  That means it is a New Year to open up, explore and seize every opportunity possible.   Have you written your goals for the year? Have you thought about what you truly want to accomplish and HOW you are going to make that happen?  If not, I encourage you to take a note book and on the top of four pages write:

  • Page 1- Life Goals
  • Page 2- Fitness Goals
  • Page 3- Family Goals
  • Page 4- Business/Work Goals
With listing it out on separate sheets, you have a broader picture of what you would like out of life.  Start writing down all the goals the come to your mind. They could range from making sure to cook fresh healthy organic meals 3 nights/week, getting a 5% raise at work, going on a weekly date night with my partner/spouse/best friend, running a marathon, doing a sprint triathlon, or complete 100 burpees in a row.  All of those have been brought up in Power Fitness PDX classes by you.  Once you write your goals down, make mini goals beneath them.  Such as:

Do a 5K Race running the entire time
Pick a race 2 months away.
Get fitted for the right running shoes and orthotics.
Run 4x/week and put the dates and times on the calendar. 
Do 4 runs that are 5 miles long.
Say the goal out loud to family and friends.
Write down in my journal how I feel after each run.
Register for Power Fitness PDX to get my strength work that helps with my running and racing.

When you can break down a goal and make it more tangible, it will happen! It are the little steps done each minute that make the big steps more approachable. That being said, what are YOUR health and fitness goals?  What have you decided you are ready to embark on this year?  Power Fitness PDX Classes can help bring them to fruition.  The next session of Power Fitness PDX Women's Only Boot Camp starts tomorrow, Monday, January 3rd, at 5:45 am.  Classes are incredibly dynamic and the hour flies by faster than you think at first.  You have been curious, now is your time to make that curiosity an accomplished goal!

Start your NEW YEAR right! Set your goals and let's make them happen...NOW!
"You have talked about being active for a long time, but making exercise incorporated to your daily life has been tough.  THIS Is the year to make it happen and don't hesitate but start now.  Power Fitness PDX Women's Only Boot Camp provides a challenging, dynamic, supportive and goal filled environment where you have the support of many to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Master Trainer and Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey creates workouts that incorporate your entire body, emphasizing various methods of fitness. Plyometrics, running drills, cardio circuits, core work, weights, and a plethora of exercises that combine many muscle groups to be more time efficient and effective.  NOW is the time to make your health & fitness goals happen.  The only thing you don't get back in life is time, why waste it?? Make your TIME count NOW!"
Power Fitness PDX Women's Only Boot Camp
January 3rd-January 28th, 2010
5:45-6:45 am
Monday & Friday at Crown Beach
Wednesday at Washington Park Stairs
Inside option of the Alameda Vet's Hall dates being set
Class is limited to 15 women, make sure to register ASAP.

Register with a friend and you both get $15 off- $175 instead of $190 each. Please write your friend's name in the registration form online.
I look forward to seeing you in the morning, and helping you check off your health and fitness goals on your list!! Cheers to an unbelievably wonderful 2011 making YOU your BEST self YET!!

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