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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday- April 11th, 2012

Workout Wednesday- are you ready for it?  It is TOUGH, the intervals are intense, and you will sweat buckets. PUSH IT with perfect form.  Any questions on any of the exercises, please email/call/text me.  Each exercise combo you repeat 4x and then flow to the next combo.  My goal is for you to to WORK IT!! 

    "YOU MEAN IT" Workout 

Plank jumping Jack's & Jumping Jacks standing circuit:
   10 Plank Jacks followed by 10 Jumping Jacks, repeated 10x
Reverse Lunge Frankenstein Kick Rotation

Boulder side to side w/push up -20x
Lunge-airplane-superman - 20x

Bilateral side kicks to a burpee - 20x
Plank donkey kicks 20x/leg

Reverse Pelvic Tilts 20x
   - In Pelvic Tilt position: single leg raise 20x/leg &  single leg kick 20x/leg
Dips & Jack Dips on chair

Plank Up-Downs
Side planks 20 count holds

Dig Deep. Play Hard. 
Challenge the Power of YOU. 
Power Fitness PDX LLC

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