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Monday, January 2, 2012

Email to YOU from New Years Eve- Read it and Write it!

There are only 6 hours left of 2011...what are you going to do with them?

Are you getting ready to go toast the town with your Turtle Dove? Or are you in your cozies and ready to enjoy some bubbly, popcorn and a movie with your family? Or you might even be putting on an uber snazzy outfit right now and heading out to meet your potential other half at midnight? Whatever you do, I want you to look back at this past year as one of accomplishment!!

You worked hard to reach various goals, and that work doesn't come easy. It took some time; be it one morning each week to train or waking up every day rushing out the door to exercise, but YOU DID IT!  YOU invested in yourself to be active and healthy.  It is to easy to look back at the resolutions you wished you accomplished instead of patting your back for the ones you did. 

Did you know that 88% of people make a similar resolution each year???  Only 12% of people make a resolution they put into action.  Incredible, isn't it??  Please, do not do that today, tomorrow or anytime in the future.

Instead, write down the 5 things you accomplished in:

1. Health
2. Wellness
3. Balance
4. Family
5. Friendships
6. Nutrition

Check out that list!! I am sure once you started thinking the events and words were flowing to the piece of paper.  Now when looking at 2012, throw out the word resolution and add in the word GOAL.  Next, from the BIG GOAL break it down to 4 small goals.  Write those four small goals on your calendar for each week of the month.  Focus on that mini goal each week in 2012- not the ginormous one!!!   Cross off each day on your calendar and write a little note- "Great job drinking H2O" or "PFPDX Whooped my ars!". At the end of the month, your BIG goal will be part of your daily life. You gradually made it happen verses focusing on the BIG picture and setting yourself up to be part of the 88%. 

My gifts to you to help kick off 2012:
*The specials are to email me directly, as it is a holiday weekend and my web designer is on holiday as she should be. 

1. Register for the last spot of Power Fitness PDX MWF Women's Only Boot Camp and you get $15 towards February's session. Email me asap! powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  Expires when the last person is registered. ;-) If you email after, you get $10 towards your February Session.

2. Register for the Men's Only Boot Camp with your best buddy and you get $10 each towards the February Session. Must register by January 2nd, noon, 2012.

3. The annual fitness Challenge is not yet advertised and almost half full!  If you want to register for the Power of YOU New Year New YOU Challenge, please do so asap. IF you register with a friend, you both receive $50 off the $750 price and $15 towards the February Session!!!  That is huge and what an incredible journey you would both be on together!!  

Urban Bliss Nikki Logo  

Reserve your space today
Limited to 18 participants
February 20th -April , 2012
First meeting & Pre Challenge Measurements Wed, February 15th

10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX
  2 bonus classes for Challenge participants
  3 Workshops: nutrition/fitness/wellness
  3 Hours to PASS - Your personal assistant
  1: 30 min. 1:1 Sessions w/ Trainer Erin Kreitz Shirey
  Pre & Post Challenge Measurements
  2 AT Home workouts
  2 Training Runs for a 5K Run Walk 5/12
  Power Fitness PDX Workout Tank Top
  Support and goodies from local businesses
  Final Celebration Night with Prizes for Every Participant
Value of services $
1350 **

Challenge Price $750
Email Coach Erin to RSVP for a space and
pay via PayPal or check
Expires 1.2.12 @ 5 pm

4. The most recent Newsletter , Blog, Videos

And as I posted on the Power Fitness PDX Facebook page:
As we say "Tootaloo" to 2011, I feel one word - GRATEFUL. I learned so much from 2010's challenges that allowed me to embrace the journeys taken in 2011. Thus, every adventure, whether planned or unexpected, I was able to be present and own it. Wishing you to do the same in 2012...make yourself proud and just enjoy each moment...whatever it may  bring!!!     - Coach Erin
"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501
e- powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com
w- www.powerfitnesspdx.com
f- Facebook
t- Twitter

Please take a peak at the new resource dedicated to support rockin' Moms in their efforts to become their fittest selves while juggling work, kids, school, and finding 15 minutes to exercise during all stages of motherhood. www.powerofyoufitness.blogspot.com.  You can also catch up with Coach Erin on her personal blog Embrace Life's Challenges

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb

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