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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wizard of OZ salad!

Wizard Of Oz Girls

Wizard Of Oz Girls

Tonight in our house is Family Movie Night. That means easy foods, chilling and popcorn. While this is a favorite night for all of us, the goal is to keep it healthier I'd we can. The movie of choice, for first time viewing, is Wizard of Oz! Phrases of "Tin Dude", "It's not black and white but brown and white Mom. Did you see it when it first came out?", and "She is not just a witch, but an ugly green apple witch!".

Therefore, the salad is called:

Wizard of Oz salad

All ingredients organic and most fresh from the Farmer's Market

1.5 cups mixed greens
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup shredded sweet white carrotts
10 cherry heirloom tomatoes quartered
about 2 TB goat cheese crumbled
1/2 cup drained black beans
1/8 cup mango salsa
8 tortilla chips ( any 100% corn tortilla baked until crunchy and broken up to small pieces works too)
1/2 cup traditional medium
Newmans Own Salsa
1 TB Newmans Own Light Honey Mustard salad-dressing
Fresh Pepper

Toss all together in a big bowl, minus the salad dressing and traditional medium salsa. Mix the dressing and salsa in a separate bowl, whisking them together. Pour half the dressing on the salad and mix together. Split salad onto two plates and drizzle rest of dressing on top. sprinkle with pepper and enjoy!

And for the ruby slippers, enjoy some Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt for dessert!

1/2 cup black beans

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